Performer TOY BOX

Teddybear – Toy-Box

Let us light a candlelight Voulez-vous couche ‘Cause it’s cozy here tonight Aha you’re wearing Calvin Klein And I am not a fool There must be something in the

Super-Duper-Man – Toy-Box

Super-man-man Super-man Super-man-man Superman is on the air I’m flying in my super red underwear His sexy dress is turning me on I feel kinda hot when I’m puttin’

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo – Toy-Box

seсorita Eenie, meenie, miney, mo Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a place we can hide away Drinking Pinacolada By the lakes of lemonade I fantasize about your eyes Oh

Prince Of Arabia – Toy-Box

I live in a castle and I wear a crown, ’cause I am a prince, but I’m feeling alone I am a girl from a faraway land, I’ve come


in the land of adventure, lives Tarzan Oo-ee-oo-ee.. I am Jane and I love to ride an elephant My name is Tarzan, I am Jungle-man The tree-top swinger from

Best Friend – Toy-Box

Do you have a best friend too? It tickles in my tummy, he’s so yummy yummy Hey, you should get a best friend too! Hello, baby, can I see

007 – Toy-Box

(speak) Hello 007, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I have a most important mission for you… (Amir) Aha…? (speak) …I hope that I haven’t caught you at a

Www. Girl – Toy-Box

I’m a world wide web girl, in a world wide web world, There is something I must confess, I need a world wide web boy, with a world wide

What About – Toy-Box

I knew for a fact that it was a love you case I was strong to you like bee-seeking honey It was all about the love, not all about

Divided – Toy-Box

happy days when you were mine Baby, Easter morning, summer nights, how I miss you by my side Many lonely nights I cried. Wondering boy, why oh why? Even


Cause I would ride through stormy weathers Just to show you how much I love you I love your eyes, Love your smile, Love your funky hear Love your

Superstar – Toy-Box

I am a superstar with a big big house and a big big car, I am a superstar and I don’t care who you are. I am a superstar

Cowboy Joe – Toy-Box

This is a story, about Cowboy Joe. (Cowboy Mighty Joe my hero) “;Howdy Ma’am”; (lets go) Have you heard the story bout the bad boy in town? Bob is

The Sailor-Song – Toy-Box

We all come together just to sing we love you And if we all come together, we know what to do We all come together just for you Racing

Russian Lullaby – Toy-Box

When the stars are shining clear When the ghosts are howling near When we sing the Russian lullaby In the night In the night Let’s you and me together

Dumm-Diggy-Dumm – Toy-Box

Do the diggy-dumm everyone Dumm-diggy-dumm-diggy-diggy Diggy-diggy, diggy-diggy dumm-dumm Dumm-diggy-dumm-diggy-diggy-dumm Do the diggy-dumm everyone Throw your hands up in the air And wave from side to side Clap your hands