Performer TOYA

Bounce – Toya

You peepin’ me Stressin’ me Sweatin’ me Why won’t you let it be Move on Keep rollin’ on Stop touchin’ me Pullin’ me Squeezin’ me Baby please Get off

The Truth – Toya

Dealing with her But instead you tried to play me Like I had all your love Everytime I asked you You would tell me a lie And I wanna

What’s A Girl To Do – Toya

Benz and the house boy ya paid He doesn’t have the nicest car Lives with his friends and he works 2 jobs He flies me out of town just

I Messed Up – Toya

Neglected you, disrespected you I hated you I only knew I had no clue of who she was to you So the first thing to do was to find

Think – Toya

See I know, you think I’m kind of naive (no, no, no not me) You try to run your circles on me (tried to playwith me) Boy you can’t

I Do – Toya

He was a 6 foot stallion said a story book thug He was the kind that made u wonder how he put down the love He had a kickey

No Matta What (Party All Night) – Toya

Me and my girls gonna hit a party Gonna wile out Manicure, pedicure, so we look tight And there’s just enough money for the night out So now it’s

How Can I Be Down – Toya

I’m lovin’ it Your attitude, the way you move The things you do, I’m feelin’ you Icy wrist, Platinumist Your Flashin’ it that’s what’s it How can I be

I Do Pt. 2 – Toya

I stepped on the spot out my CLK Just dropped some dollars Cop some Prada Cuz I just got paid I keep the dough Stack the flows Like it

What Else Can I Do – Toya

Everytime we have a fight Where do you go Baby you know it just ain’t right These silly games that you play Keep pushin’ me away I need to

Untouchables – Toya

G-shock goes off in the early morn See I wake up fly no make-up on Check my 2way pager just to stay up on Lord have mercy goes my

Don’t Make Me – Toya

We need to have a talk you and me Who this girl name Shante’ 389-9438 Does that ring a bell Been callin’ everyday at 12 She’s callin’ fequently Guess

Fiasco – Toya

I was in love wit him since I was 12 By age 14 I was just catchin’ hell He was the star of the football team Other girls wanted

Moving On – Toya

Not seeing your face I just began to stop setting your place And I stop longing for your warm embrace And it was God that made me able To

Book Of Love – Toya

My guy fly guy Only half the man I need So I take him, shape him Make him rethink His identity Into a being that you never would believe