Performer TQ

G. H. E. T. T. O. – TQ

G-H-E-T-T-O This is how you start one Where you started from On a mission to check No doubt, got that I need a couple of minutes to bring the

Bye Bye Baby – TQ

At nite I can’t seem 2 get no sleep Addicted 2 indo and hennessee I’m stressed homes, got my vest on Lets hit da streets it’s time 2 put

Thugz Women – TQ

I ainЎЇt tryЎЇn be your pain. But I just got a couple things to explain to you. Before I get up in your pain. I like to get me

The Grind – TQ

I often dream of bad days And different times And I just don’t know a better way For me to get mine, mmm That’s why I got to

Hold It Down – TQ

KB, Vandalz (yeah yeah yeah) ‘Bout mine Y’all know how we do it Yeah (’bout mine) This is for them soldiers (keep it goin’) All day,

How Can I Be Down? – TQ

Yo, yo, Ja Rule, TQ, BABY You ain’t gotta sneak and creep Around no more You was my freakiest whore Now you be dealing with broads In

Your Sister – TQ

I’m ’bout to tell you some shit, that’s gon’ fuck you up That’s real, y’ ain’t gon’ like it Well, shit Fuck, that’s the way it is, check it

SummerTime – TQ

Too much mo the nite before, Mail lady at my front door With a big booty and a cheque for me Why in the hell is it so damn

If The World Was Mine – TQ

7, 11, 6 & 4 They all score Yeah. Mutha-fuckin’ Jazzy Fae Got me in line at 1:12 All high & shit Huh Thinkin’ about What if the world

I Get Around – TQ

Last week in Atlanta I met her at the FreakNik In a black truck with a short haircut & a gang of her homies And she was on me

One More Lick – TQ

Big Tray Deee up in here Layin’ fools down wit the homie TQ I gots to do this for my bread & meat This the only way I know

Don Breezio (Interlude) – TQ

TQ: whassup Don Breezio don: just chillin man, you out there crackin it alright TQ; tryin to do my thing ya know Don: thats right, y’know what i’m saying,

Darlin’ Mary – TQ

So your all in my mind Let me tell you what your seeing What seems so hard to find Just another part of me When all of my friends

They Never Saw Me Coming – TQ

Steady Mobb’n L. A. to the Bay, Atlanta GA Yeah That’s the way we do it baby They never saw me coming Like a thief in the night Haven’t

Ride On – TQ

the way I give mine and what you describe well let me tell u like this when I didnЎЇt have nothing there werenЎЇt nobody giving me nothing so I

Come Again (Intro) – TQ

I hope your blessin’ Cos lord I’m missing And I wish I could did something with it It’s time for us to come again Here I go again (2x)

One Day – TQ

The Game what you make of It is what you can take from it Understand Whatever your hustling is Get it on my nigger Even when it’s wrong my

Daily – TQ

As soon as I get out the bed There’s always something going on To drive me crazy I try to keep from going insane But I can’t help but

LiteSkinFreckleFace – TQ

(Yeah, this is for my…) This one right here goes out to my favorite girl Me? I call her LiteSkinFreckleFace Yes indeed, love her to death (my my my)

Superbitches – TQ

Every long time ago From my brother Nal Brawl came lifting your paper Got to go I think about it every nite After the shows over Situation for those