A Bad Way Of Saying Goodbye – Trace Adkins

And that makes three days in a row Now that you’re tired of pretending It’s time that I let you know I don’t disagree with your feelings We both

Every Time I Do – Trace Adkins

Whenever I go out Anywhere in town I look for a crowd Where you’re not hangin’ ’round Say that I won’t give Your memory any room But every time

It’s About Time – Trace Adkins

Another fourteen hour day, crisis solved deadline made I came home like always, tired and beat Threw dinner in the microwave Beside it on the counter lay A letter

I Can Only Love You Like A Man – Trace Adkins

You had this notion in your head Someone would come along and sweep you off your feet Like in all those storybooks you read Well if you’re lookin` for

Then They Do – Trace Adkins

In the early rush of morning, Trying to get the kids to school: One’s hanging on my shirt-tail, Another’s locked up in her room. And I’m yelling up the

I Left Something Turned On At Home – Trace Adkins

But my baby just called me on the phone And from the sound of her voice, I simply have no choice I left something turned on at home Well

Dreamin’ Out Loud – Trace Adkins

I gotta be more careful in a crowd If you caught me talkin` to someone you can’t see Don’t mind me, I’m dreamin` out loud I can’t help wondering

Find Me A Preacher – Trace Adkins

All barefoot, beautiful & brown eyed Just watching you breathin is blowin’ me away All I can think about tonight Somebody find me a preacher Somebody find me a

Can I Want Your Love – Trace Adkins

Is this wrong or is this real Should I deny the way I feel Every time I get close to you Feels like I’m doin’ somethin’ I’m not supposed

Fightin’ Words – Trace Adkins

Everyone knows I’m the hard workin’ peace lovin’ type I walk a thousand miles out of my way Just to keep from a fight Poke fun at the way

A Little Love – Trace Adkins

She underdressed for the occasion She wants to go back home and change A maid of honor wearing waitress shoes, Just looks strange Her little brother’s getting married A

The Stubborn One – Trace Adkins

But I don’t care Try to sneak you some Saw your buddies at the barber shop And they sure fight a lot Just like they’ve always done You look

See Jane Run – Trace Adkins

Dick and Jane don’t talk anymore, Jane lays awake Wishin’ it could be like it was before Finally one night, she got tough Dick came home, and she was

I Wish It Was You – Trace Adkins

a strangers face in the window and i wish it was you im in a room its a crowded room a friend walks up to say hello and i

Words Get In The Way – Trace Adkins

I wanna say that I was wrong I wanna tell you that this circus That we been living in Ain’t where we belong It’s like the Grand Canyon And

Take Me With You When You Go – Trace Adkins

You can settle down in Mexico Runaway join a circus show Whatever, baby it’s alright with me Take a walk in the pouring rain Sky dive from a jet

Big Time – Trace Adkins

Get ready baby, we’re going uptown It’s friday night, we’re gonna get down I thought you might like this brand new baby-blue dress I figured out about a quarter

Undo the Right – Trace Adkins

If you can’t say you love me say you hate me And that you regret each time you held me tight If you can’t be mine forever then forsake

All Hat, No Cattle – Trace Adkins

See that boy standing there by the dance floor He’s lookin’ like the Marlboro Man Starched shirt, starched jeans, big trophy buckle And an empty Copenhagen can He’s talkin’

Proud of Me – Trace Adkins

As the sun’s coming up She puts coffee on Love in a cup She makes it strong She kisses my cheek And I’m on my way With her on