Paris Tennessee – Tracy Lawrence

But I got enuff to cover you and me I’m taking off wont you come with me honey Gonna take you all the way to Paris, Tennessee I want

I Got A Feelin’ – Tracy Lawrence

nothing but a broken truck, heat and dust and a million high line poles If only I could tap the line, I’d be just fine If I could talk

Stars Over Texas – Tracy Lawrence

As you lie in my arms Girl my hearts on my sleeve Words come so hard, in moments like these theres feelings I have, that are so hard to

It’s Hard To Be An Outlaw – Tracy Lawrence

Skidmarks on the road Things I grew up doing I never did out grow In the middle of those running years She walked into my life She couldn’t get

I Hit The Ground Crawlin’ – Tracy Lawrence

and the truth is, that ain’t all While you were thinking of me I was busy thinking of myself I never gave and I took all I needed Running

Meant To Be – Tracy Lawrence

A crowded room, a sudden glance More than just coincidence Meant to be… .you and me To see the look that’s in your eyes Makes the tears well up

Somewhere Between The Moon And You – Tracy Lawrence

It might as well be timbucktu Girl, I’m missing you The further i go in life, the more I realize I’m no closer to that elusive moon I can’t

Different Man – Tracy Lawrence

As if I didn’t know where I should be Through the darkness of the dim neon, and lonely shade of blue The Light is a mighty hard thing to

The Cards – Tracy Lawrence

Says summers been a scorcher baby and I’m still hot on you There must be 25 or more, you signed them everyone Now I’m sitting here in this lonely

Just You And Me – Tracy Lawrence

We ain’t in no hurry I see the fear in your eyes But girl don’t you worry I’ll keep the candles lit all night So you’ll know everythings all

When Daddy Was a Strong Man – Tracy Lawrence

Would leave a note on the door It’d say ran to the house Be back in a few Leave your money on the counter It was twenty-six cents For

Paint Me a Birmingham – Tracy Lawrence

Painting waves as they danced upon the sand With every stroke he brought to life The deep blue of the ocean against the morning sky I asked him if

Somebody Paints The Wall – Tracy Lawrence

I’d have to shoot it Lord the day my ship came in I was waiting for a train Everytime I get a grip, I always lose it I can’t

Hillbilly With A Heartache – Tracy Lawrence

Nadine down at the hair salon promised she would be his bride He took it hard when she ran off with the beauty supply salesman But that’s how romance

Livin’ In Black And White – Tracy Lawrence

I work like a dog in this hot factory Can’t even afford a vacation when I’ve got the time But I’ve got road maps of Mexico Brochures and pictures

Think of Me – Tracy Lawrence

On the graveyard shift a call comes in A senseless killin’ Blue lights flashin’, white chalk line I still get queasy but I’ll be fine The good Lord willin’

Speed Of A Fool – Tracy Lawrence

Had to learn it on my own On the restless side of seventeen The Day that I left home Screaming down that highway With a passion to break any

Renegades, Rebels And Rogues – Tracy Lawrence

They come from the wrong side of the track Born a breed apart Can’t tie em up, can’t pin ’em down Always clinging to some old star They chase

I Know That Hurt By Heart – Tracy Lawrence

A great place to come and hide from the blues Hey, I don’t mean to intrude But I’ve seen that look before I’ve heard that slamming door too Just

For the Love – Tracy Lawrence

No matter how hard they hit him he keeps on playing through the pain When they lose he takes the blame Old number nine {Chorus} For the love they