American Psycho – Treble Charger

With someone like you No matter where I turn I can’t escape your double face Don’t want to listen to the radio Cause they don’t know Or stick around

Forever Knowing – Treble Charger

Does it really matter to write a postcard? I’ve been watching the sky It’s a little reply I wait for It’s a place over there Not what anyone said

Cheat Away – Treble Charger

It isn’t true Just concerning me and you Is it any wonder anyway And nothing else to do If you see it any other way First you can go

Trinity Bellwoods – Treble Charger

to find a place where you dont know someone and you say something kind but you dont say why and the best you can find is a well placed

Fade – Treble Charger

It’s easier than what you heard and what you see I’ve been counting And what I keep Isn’t what you need, knowing what you need Building sure-fire hearts into

Favourite Worst Enemy – Treble Charger

Than I know you’d find everything you never say You said you needed time So I asked if you would mind If I could do the same The senses’

Scatterbrain – Treble Charger

Deniably insane. So lost, you’re torn away Your sympathy is strange, it’s so unlike you still to be the same Fight the urge to change and leave another day

I Don’t Know – Treble Charger

And we all need someone to blame Noone ever has to realize That we all get tired again I think I’ve been cast In the wrong play My lines

Friend Of Mine – Treble Charger

It happens all the time It’s not too encouraging You never prayed for anything What makes you so great Something I would indicate The lamest stand The strongest can’t

More’s The Pity – Treble Charger

I am on the brink of still It’s not all it’s true Sitting on a sprinkler Take my call and see The receiver to your ear When you bridge

Wear Me Down – Treble Charger

If you’re conscious still Cause you know hearing bad news Gives me such a special thrill I’m not here to save you Watch your back or rearrange you I

Just What They Told Me – Treble Charger

Getting any younger so we like to boast Are the cracks and fissures splintering our lovely lives Our acceptance of the shiny brand-new kitchen knives So I have decided

10th Grade Love – Treble Charger

1000 pictures flipped but yours just ran away something in the air it lacks a special touch a smile thats left wide open sit down next to Russ its

Funny – Treble Charger

Don’t waste your time I can tell what’s on your mind No need to mention What we both know It’s quite a time you picked to tell me It’s

Brand New Low – Treble Charger

Then I give up and see that look in your eyes Cause if I trip and fall, I’ll be to blame And if I hit the wall, I’ll still

Red (in Album NC17) – Treble Charger

face painted cigarette white you asked the cleanest boy you found you couldnt see me turned around his fingers stretched across your empty gaze but I just cant escape