Shut Up – Trick Daddy

Chorus: (Trick Daddy) Ah-ha Okay What’s up? Shut up (4 times) Verse 1: (Trick Daddy) Ridin’ ’round in my brand new ’99, 4 do’ Volvo I got a pocket

Change My Life – Trick Daddy

Gotta change my life Lord knows I aint livin right Yall know i aint chillin right Smokin out everyday and night Gotta ease my mind Gotta find time to

Ho But You Can’t Help It – Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy I figure you’se a ho but you can’t help it ‘Cause being raised by a ho is kinda hectic Old material bitch Gold-digging for them tender dicks

Can’t Fuck With The South – Trick Daddy

Anybody wanna motherfucking die, come see I Who me? T-double D nigga That’s right that’s motherfucking me nigga (huh) And got damn it if I said it, I motherfuckin

Gotta Let You Have It – Trick Daddy

Now I gotta let you have it Rappin’ fire from my automatic Now I gotta let you have it Rappin’ fire from my automatic I just might

Boy – Trick Daddy

I tellin ya boy I got them boys Dog I be tryin to tell em Verse 1: Trick Daddy, The Lost Tribe You can’t catch me boy Don’t upset

Survivin The Drought – Trick Daddy

Last year was a good year ask the click But this year was scared down to our last half of brick Trying to survive in the drought wher it

Amerika – Trick Daddy

DMX] Uhh.. DMX, Sisqo Yo.. what these bitches want from a nigga? Dru Hill, yaknahmsayin? What these bitches want from a nigga? HmmmMMMMMM (Ruff

Back In The Days – Trick Daddy

It wasn’t no AIDS It wasn’t no AK’s More afros than braids Wasn’t nuttin for a boy to get a straight fade But not no mo Niggaz done twist

Have My Cheese – Trick Daddy

Niggas who was po’ got rich Niggas who was real turned snitched Ain’t that a bitch? That’s why I get mine on the low Hustle ’til a nigga can’t

America – Trick Daddy

‘Posed to be Land of the free I don’t see how Count me in Uh Amerika Oh Amerika Ha-Ha-Ha Amerika, AMERIKA Sweet land of liberty ya’ll I’m doin this

I’m A Thug – Trick Daddy

But I know one thing that this is the life for me Baby cause I’m a thug All day every day Baby cause I’m a thug Wouldn’t change for

I’ll Be Your Player – Trick Daddy

Somebody black, baldheaded, plus buckwild They call me Trick Daddy dollars A real woman scholar If a player’s what you want, lil mama holla Don’t bother asking your friends

Nann Nigga – Trick Daddy

Hell no I don’t wanna holla at no motherfuckin Trick He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennesey and shit Hell no I’m saying though What

Hold On – Trick Daddy

(See what I’m sayin) Gotsta hold on I been trapped for so long Gotsta hold on I been trapped for so long Gotsta hold on I been trapped for

Suckin Fuckin You – Trick Daddy

Suckin fuck in you Suck and fucked my whole crew So whatsa a nigga ‘posed to do See all my dogs is gettin cheese Rollin D’s They got them

Pimp – Trick Daddy

Freaky deaky, Trick Daddy and Yours truly Buddy Rizoe Yeah, and that nigga, J. T. Motherfucker check it out See I’m a pimp, you

Thug For Life – Trick Daddy

I’ll be yo’ thug for life, my love will drive you crazy You know nobody ain’t gone (fuck) you like you need baby Let’s slip and slide together and

Living In A World – Trick Daddy

For all my children, huh, let ’em know Sing for me Living in a world where hearts are cold, yea yea ya’ll Living in a

Take It To Da House – Trick Daddy

(“;Get down!”;) Yessuh, (uh huh uh huh uh huh..) Slip-N-Slide Records Uhh, fin’ to take it to da house Just get on up and (“;Get down!”;) Callin