Performer TRICK PONY

Stay In This Moment – Trick Pony

Before you must leave This evening, this hour And the rush of this moment is through I want to tell you How good it felt to Completely surrender to

Spent – Trick Pony

People in line got a real good laugh When I pumped two dollars worth of premium gas Money down the drain (It’s all I could afford) A twist off

One In A Row – Trick Pony

Tonight I’ll be drinkin’ tequila And toasting to old Mexico Listening to Waylon and Willie And feeding the fire down below It’s only been twenty-four hours Since my baby

Can’t Say That On The Radio – Trick Pony

I called up the DJ On Friday after work I told him how you done me wrong And how much it hurt I said, mister I got some things

Big River – Trick Pony

Now I taught the weeping willow how to cry And I showed the clouds how to cover up a clear blue sky And the tears that I cried for

Party Of One – Trick Pony

Hey Babe Remember all of those nights When you told me that you had to work late Think back To the times you stood me up And the countless

Pour Me – Trick Pony

Pour me, pour me Pour me, pour me another shot of whiskey Bartender hit me one more time He left, I cried I’m lost inside, won’t ya help me

Every Other Memory – Trick Pony

I thought I had it beat, I thought I was cured I didn’t feel the need for you anymore I had an iron will so I dropped my guard

More Like Me – Trick Pony

I woke up this mornin’ With a feelin’ that was gone for quite some time Your long gone face has been replaced With better thoughts now runnin’ through my

Now Would Be The Time – Trick Pony

Deep inside I know that you’ve been hurtin’ And your bitter words were brought on by the pain I said it’s over Now I’m not so certain Baby if

Just What I Do – Trick Pony

Jessie James was an outlaw man He was always breakin’ the law Six guns firing from both his hands Fastest you ever saw Did he do it for the

On A Night Like This – Trick Pony

Now when I was a young girl My dad warned me about the opposite sex He’d say, yeah, that’s just what you need Some crazy boy with wild ideas