Triks Of The Trade – Trik Turner

Is a web that you weave Making victims of anything or anyone You never make sense cause you speak in tongues He who thinks he knows all will someday

Let It Rip – Trik Turner

In an imperfect world where everything seems the same It’s just a vicious circle that keeps going ’round Gotta find a way to get out of here I’m too

Existence – Trik Turner

Some thrive- Some live- Some die- Some love- Some hate- Some find nothing in common- Some relate- Some sin- Some are innocent- Some are good- Some are bad- All

Friends And Family – Trik Turner

Some call me a cheater Some say I’m a selfish untalented dreamer Cause all’s I try to do is keep my dream alive But it’s so hard to do

Black Sheep – Trik Turner

Not knowin’ who I am it’s DLB rippin deep I wasn’t in your realm but I’m in your sphere You still don’t know the click so just listen here

Father – Trik Turner

How you use to jab your fingers into my chest And tell me how stupid you thought I was And how I’d grow up to be worthless- I was

New York Groove – Trik Turner

I gotta find what I’m looking for in the dead of night 3rd and 4e buildings to the sky I’ve got one last chance to get high to get

Ish – Trik Turner

Easy to lose sight in what you strive for so Much that’s why I never trust anyone who tries To know me, that means to get the best of

Temptation – Trik Turner

Knowing what you’ve done with my trust you’ve misplaced- With your selfish needs you appease- It brings you down to your knees- Begging please forgive for my sins- Turn

Sacrifice – Trik Turner

I know that Iґm in all of your conversations you never have anything good to say about me Thatґs ok cause everyoneґs entitled to their own opinions Cause everyoneґs