Performer TWISTA

Dreams – Twista

Hey lover, am I the only one Or are you selling your baby a dream (Am I who you thinkin’ of, who you thinkin’ of) Hey lover boy, am

Hope – Twista

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. VERSE 1 (Twista) I wish the way I was living

Artillery – Twista

Restraint! Artilerry motherfucker, legit balling bitch but don’t get it twisted Ain’t no hoes over here Yeah, we got guns nigga, aimed at all you hating bitches From K-Town

Feels So Good – Twista

Let that playa ass nigga Twista be your guide as we go on a ride where playa hatin’ killers and the hood niggas thrive And lame motherfuckers can barely

Ratatattat – Twista

Sucker wack vicks, I ratatattat tactics, givin em black kicks Mufflin up the mic with funky black licks Tricks, I be rippin em like hocus pocus, focus on the

Stick Up – Part 2 – Twista

Whatcha gon’ do when we come for you? It’s a stick up Put yo hands up Tell me whatcha gon’ do when we come for you? It’s a stick

U Don’t Know Me – Twista

Artist(Band):Twista Review The Song (0) Print the Lyrics U Don’t Know Me Lyrics 100% Legal MP3 Downloads Send Twista polyphonic ringtone to your cell phone (feat. Oobie) Uh,

Higher – Twista

(Twista) Yeah, you know what’s about to go down right? (Ludacris) Yeah! (Twista) Gotta let ’em know who is this… (Ludacris) Ludacris! (Twista) and who else nigga…? (Ludacris) Twista…

Pray For Me – Twista

Here’s the tale of a young black male raised in these city streets out here hustling to make ends meet In a world thats so corrupt thats

Mash & Bang – Twista

picture this shit you facing totalin body and murderous situations against nations we organize like maces got killers patiently waitin different places you facing the yellow taping

Party Hoes – Twista

You looking chilliy wit yo thick ass I know you got plenty niggas out there who trick cash I damn near caught whiplash as you walked pass

Mob Up – Twista

Yeah, mobsta style for you muthafuckas, you know what I’m sayin’ We fin to bring this shit like this here This muthafuckin’ Chi shit, check it out

Front Porch – Twista

On the porch, on the porch Smokin weed Hmmm yeah I woke up early Saturday morning sick off Rhemy and brews Wit a hang over from blues

Bennie Franks – Twista

no muggy manny man gonna feel this shit here tramp try out the (?) bobby land rasta man one land one land live one land love you come you

Wide Open – Twista

ugh I open up wide open and leave those niggas wide open hoping for the next supreme stroking dream soaking Coat in my choking, poking till I’m

One Down 2 2 Go – Twista

Me stamina rock, me stamina rock, me stamina rock Blood clot, I do not know Why suckers say too fast I flow ‘Oh’ be the reply, I don’t see

Put That Thang On Me – Twista

man I got to figure out something to do to get this nigga back in my life for real put something on you put that thang on me man

Blood n Blood Out – Twista

came up in an early age on the corner servin cane gang bangin and everythang we some mutherfuckin gangstas broke to the right Blood in Blood out brothers and

Adrenaline Rush – Twista

(YungBuck) I’m bringing pain like two bad nurses, and the pain from these here motherfuckin’ verses rediculos thirst is involving hearses to the dirt shit first pick and using

Mobsters Anthem – Twista

Mobsters reign, we hope you feel this Speedknot Mobsters Verse 1: My click been strugglin half a lifetime tryin to get our shit on got no G’s to sit