Performer TY ENGLAND

She Don’t Care About Me – Ty England

Well I woke up cold Starin’ at the ceiling Can’t get back to sleep Thinkin’ how she left me cryin’ With broken memories I see her face in all

She Gonna Miss Me When He’s Gone – Ty England

We had a fight and I walked out Don’t recall just what we fought about Before her tears could hit the ground A stranger came to town Now he’s

Smoke In Her Eyes – Ty England

Her heart could tell at a glance She would be falling for him She knows she’s taking a chance But still goes out on a limb She knows he

Too Many Highways – Ty England

I was one of those guys Who though he could handle it all Way too much pride Head held up high standing tall I was raised in a dusty

The Blues Ain’t News To Me – Ty England

I know you were expecting teardrops When you told me ’bout your somebody else I hope I didn’t disappoint you By taking it all so well And if I

Sure – Ty England

I’ve never seen a walking talking answered prayer Honey it’s amazing that you’re standing here I guess God got tired of me bending his ear Come in and set

Should’ve Asked Her Faster – Ty England

In a little dance hall just outside of dallas I dropped my drink when she came walking by By the time I got a grip She slipped through my

I’ll Take Today – Ty England

Yeah, she’s the one The one I told you all about Yeah, it was serious, but it was long ago She just might walk over here And give me

New Faces In The Field – Ty England

The highway sign said the Georgia line Was twenty miles away So I thought I’d take a detour And see the old home place I could have found my

It Start With “L” – Ty England

Ain’t no place to dance in town Like the view when the sun goes down All the good looking ladies Come from miles around to meet Fred saw Betty

The Last Dance – Ty England

Nervous and scared I asked you for a dance All of my buddies said “;Yeah, right, fat chance She’ll never go for a good ol’ boy like you”; But

You’ll Find Somebody New – Ty England

You occupy your time by cryin’ a lot ‘Cause miss what you had And hate what you ain’t got No one to hold you anymore, let alone talk to

My Baby No Esta Aqui No More – Ty England

She used to be my rosa amarilla My little Mexicali tomatilla But then one night I drank too much sangria Woke up and found a note that said I’ll

I’d Rather Have Nothing – Ty England

Jumped in the tuck and headed for Kansas Mornin’ found me in Port Arasas Sippin’ on rum in the warm Texas sun I’ve never been good at keeping direction

Never Say Never – Ty England

I was doing all right I was minding my business Thinking to myself What a great life this is Cruising through the country Rockin’ to the radio I was

Blame It On Mexico – Ty England

In a bar in Acuna called Ma Crosby’s I found myself not feeling any pain I told a ‘Frisco girl I’d come for freedom She said she’d only come

Kick Back – Ty England

When life’s little troubles Block the road you’re going down Don’t beat your head against the wall Just find another way around If the bad guys are winning Everything

Redneck Son – Ty England

Daddy worked the land every day of his life Grandpa did too ’till the day that he died Mama had a job at the Dairy Queen She’s the hardest

Two Ways To Fall – Ty England

Hey heart I’m falling in love The writing’s on the wall This time try to remember There’s two ways too fall I’ve fallin’ in, I’ve fallen out I’ve had

Backslider’s Prayer – Ty England

He said “;I know this ain’t the time or place Bur Lord I need to talk”; In a business suit in a corner booth In a crowded little restaurant