Performer U GOD

Soul Dazzle – U-God

On the mat head to toe intacked on the track big hat’s on the go let them hoe’s no we on the stro we on the track the shit

Knockin At Your Door – U-God

Snatch over match kiss the grand dragon I’m tramplin the mass riddin head champion Back draft crash landin Last man standing All bodies full of swords Cards of confusion

Turbulence – U-God

Boldly go only to sew the block up, lock shit down, Mama told me you’s the giant Pump out the nose cold, crimewave, host em, baratone throne So defiant,

Hungry – U-God

(Chorus) ruff out here im out here fightin cold and hungry fish ain’t bittin Life’s so frightening i’m damn near thumpin cold and crumbling nothin’s hatching now im back

Turbo Charge – U-God

(Verse) Elevation smell the vibration mystique beneath the beat cave in Super freak meaty bone tones discreet goncha leave is a sweet sensation (egg is I) forsaken take over

Pleasure And Pain – U-God

Once again… Through the storms… I gotta stay strong Take deep breaths, hold on long, bring the harm with no regrets, on my chest, let me knowledge be born

Shell Shock – U-God

To my hard rocks, locked in cell blocks, never shell shock Melt the ox in your face, displaced in the penalty box My enemies heart pumps poisonous blood, your

Dat’s Gangsta – U-God

Brand new magnetic Killah Hill scorches Monster talk bosses, spank ’em, step into my office Crunch time steroid big boy itches Eyes that lay for blood money riches Switches

Glide – U-God

Yo, Inspectah Deck track break your back Yo A message of a wreckage 50 shell hot track leaking out the Lexus Eyes hot, Cyclops, cyborg boulders Call shop of

Bizarre – U-God

Feel the heat from the streets, I got to eat Talk what I walk, I stalk with bronze feet Ancient spells, yell durag sheet She rags sheet, jump

Lay Down – U-God

I got control drop a load Time to rip shit Time to rock and roll I play the block and stroll Stop and go, cop an old up town

Night The City Cried – U-God

(U-God) Night falling, red dawn, without warning or beef Late night city life, in the dark Manhattan fog, creep wit’ cats and dogs become meat All that is sacred

Stay In Your Lane – U-God

Tired of all this shit god Channel you wanna come out? Niggas betta respect this shit I see, I see the same ol’ rap cats gettin real lame Same

Rumble – U-God

Countdown… Are you ready? Are you mad inside? Got you strapped down to your seats Outta the doorway, bullets ripped, full clip God speed, approach follow my lead Firewinds