Performer UB40

Wear You To The Ball – UB40

Put on your best dress tonight Did you hear what the man said baby Well be your best `cause this gonna be a musical test So come to school,

Tears From My Eyes – UB40

cause you are leaving, leaving with another Things that we’ve done together I’ll always remember though you’re with another, baby. Tears from my eyes keep on falling cause you

Hurry Come Up – UB40

Hey, you, hurry come up See how fast you come down You run up your mouth You run out of luck You’re running out of town Verse One Hurry

Homely Girl – UB40

When the boys used to say, you looked better in the dark. But now they`d give all they learnt in school To be somewhere in the dark with you

Guilty – UB40

Come sit down, make your self comfortable Tell me somthing, how long have we known each other? About ten months huh? Say what`s that on your finger? An engagement

Food For Thought – UB40

Waiting for the manna coming from the west. Barren is her bosom, empty as her eyes, Death a certain harvest scattered from the skies. Skin and bones is creeping,

You’re Always Pulling Me Down – UB40

Thought I could steal your secrets and put them in a song I thought that you’d be waiting patiently for me That only I could see You build me

Seasons – UB40

It seems like loving you is a crime. I remember those days Oh, so long ago Like the first time I took you To a picture show Or the

I Would Do For You – UB40

It’s just that I got talking I had a drink with a couple of mates Missed my bus and wound up walking I tried to call and let you

I Really Can’t Say – UB40

I really can’t say How I feel right now I would if I could But I don’t know how Just give me some time And I’ll come around I’ll

Hold Your Position – UB40

Rasta, them style ya a just levelment Uncle seen Hold me position, Just a hold me position I ya, hold me position, just a hold me position Go on,

D. U. B – UB40

Me got one thing on me mind, To hold me little woman And fe make her feel iree. Be play album, dub plate, and forty-five For dat’s the kind

One In Ten – UB40

I am the one in ten A number on a list I am the one in ten Even though I don`t exist Nobody Knows me Even though I`m always

Tell Me Is It True – UB40

Forgiving my mistakes Getting her to love me Was my biggest break Every place I go, she’s inside of me Giving up her love unconditionally She shines the sun

Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be – UB40

Are you wondering why No one talks any more And all you hear Is the cry for war Are you wondering if There are people who Hurt inside the

Don’t Break My Heart – UB40

You put me down a lot But I`m giving you my heart Go on take it Please be carefull not to break it Just remember it`s the only one

Matter Of Time – UB40

Money mountains you climb, never hedging your bets But your luck can run out, you’d better watch your step Just a matter of time Just a matter of days,

Fight Fe Come In – UB40

What a bam bam round the mike m. c. James Bond buck up general C. P. We ram dance hall cork house party People come from all about just

All I Want To Do – UB40

I don`t like the work but true i need the money My life is like a joke but to me is isn`t funny Peolpe all around, telling me what

Oracabessa Moonshine – UB40

Is washing over me The Jacaranda tree And bathing in the sea Oracabessa sun up Will chase the night away Across the Lada bay And back to yesterday A