Performer UDO

Thunderforce – Udo

Thunder – thunderforce In a lonely night – stars are shining bright My soul is wandering – striking the universe I am flying to a light – to a

Stranger – Udo

I thought you are not for hire Stand for your rights – don’t look at the past I don’t know – I don’t care – my brain’s spinning ’round

Dirty Boys – Udo

The future holds retreat or victory Strolling through the neon light, you get no charity Looking for a fight – out on the run They’re never gonna win Unless

Cut Me Out – Udo

Night after night Day after day Hours and seconds to go Dying of fright Nothing to say I’ve got no money to show Picking at the bits and pieces

Don’t Look Back – Udo

The wheels been spinning so long So many years have passed me by And the feeling are still running oh so strong Now something new is here I’m gonna

In The Darkness – Udo

Why have I done Running on empty – I got nowhere to run Can’t get an answer Can’t get it right Just try to make it ’till the end

Preachers Of The Night – Udo

Creatures of the night are creeping out – so proud I’ll be there once more to feed them More and more they’re sneaking in my mind – so strong

Independence Day – Udo

Freezing metalized smile No more cheating the code The scene is set – emotions disconnected Welcome to the cyber trail Laser cops and sirens wail Held down with magnetic

Restricted Area – Udo

No way to know it’s good or bad Don’t try to trick it down Otherwise you could be dead So just look out It may be mean Just can’t

Mean Machine – Udo

Is chilling the blood in my brains The lights disappearing The cloud getting pregnant with rain There’s a rumor going round that The master of darkness will come They

Metal Eater – Udo

It hits you here right between your eyes It’s somehow evil – red-hot and weird A dangerous feeling – you never want it It turns you inside out Don’t

Manhunt – Udo

We smell the human meat The only way for us to go The order of the pack Command is kill – attack Obey the master’s law Bad temper rules

Unspoken Words – Udo

When I was young to live a life A life of lies – full of lies Then you came into my life And you’ve changed so many things That

Bad Luck – Udo

Never in the mood – to change his life Nobody wants to help him – as he spirals down But one day the wrong decision – hit him overnight

Hate Stinger – Udo

Who had a frozen heart He’s standig on a hill And sees the morning come Fear and rage – destruction He made a world of pain Hate and sin

Coming Home – Udo

For so many years And I did not regret being gone Please tell me when did we talk And when did we show That we do care for something

Danger – Udo

Fearing the day – hiding the light My mind is shocked with fever Evil will play – night after night They are the soul receivers Yeah, they are strangers

Holy – Udo

Raised from the glowing ashes of cauldron iron The Phoenix arose from the sanctum of metal Emerging into the light So many hard times So many bad lies A

No Limits – Udo

Black nights – live it to the max It’s all extremely done No way – to colonise the middle Ride hard – desperadoes at your back Under a blood

Future Land – Udo

Tears running out of my eyes Wake up and bring the truth into your life I can’t stand it anymore All those nightmares – endless despair Walk away from