Performer UFO

Martian Landscape – UFO

the wheat is still wheat Where the waters in the rivers is still water In this land every man lends a hand when you need it But your hands

Makin’ Moves – UFO

The night riders giving all they got While the girls look so good at looking bad /Out strutting/ dressed in the latest fad Valentino looks for something

Stopped By A Bullet Of Love – UFO

So very far from home A kid was playing Little Wing I sat drinking on my own Love and danger Oh, they walk hand in hand Said she was

Don’t Want To Lose You – UFO

Do you think she really really cares Is she standing and looking with her hope Her fingers through her hair Looking at the future you and me baby Life

Between A Rock And A Hard Place – UFO

Nothing’s moving here for me Dead un-romantic That’s the way life’s squeezin’ me I get the feelings When I’m pushed in a situation Like climbin’ ceilings This is a

Hunger In The Night – UFO

Watch out Easy for some action holy satisfaction ooh Midnight makes a call skin begins to crawl Inside the heights upon the fantasies Let me introduce you now I’m

Night Run – UFO

Oooh baby what a song could do We were sharp like needles in the dark, no question mark My friend Billy was one of a kind Growin’ up and

Long Gone – UFO

Redlight bandits on the corner give no quarter calls Infectious garbage fills the streets and in their eyes you know A thin blue line bends and breaks stop the

Unraveled – UFO

And you will be vain When the honeymoon is over She will suck out your brain Give me back my life Give me back my call Simply set me

The World And His Dog – UFO

Traffic is heavy Up riding the rack Bodies are buried, freeways and wells Boneyards with vistas Gateways to hell When it’s all over, You’ll frown and fret Way down

Revolution – UFO

I’m waiting to put your loving to the test * I need to know, I need to give I need to feel to breathe and live I’m cutting loose

Feel It – UFO

Her high-heeled shoes go clickity-clack Sweet, sweet Suzy dress way low Does a dance just to let you know * You wanna feel it, feel it Breaks your heart

Diesel In The Dust – UFO

I’m livin’ just for that thrill Nobody hurts me ‘cos the payback’s twice as bad In this town you don’t make a man mad * Ted McKinley’s dying At

Chains Chains – UFO

He played the tables /whenever he can/ Take some advice boy stay clean stay out of his way Little Jeannie is a dancing queen /She’s been/ [“;She

Pushed To The Limit – UFO

Keep off the street, go away and wait to die What you don’t see is what life means to me My woman says it ain’t right For a man

Natural Thing – UFO

You can look but please don’t touch Didn’t like rock and rollers Seemed a bit much too much * Cause it’s the natural thing you feel at the start

Venus – UFO

Does Venus hold you in the palm of her hand Has her blackness touched your very heart She’ll smile sweetly as your world falls apart * And I just

She’s The One – UFO

There’s no defending, this feeling’s all too strong Every time and every place, I see magic in your eyes I wanna see you feel you hold you tight Till

Back Into My Life – UFO

Looking for something, something that you knew And you’re wondering where she is Now there’s now there’s no more rendezvous *You’re left out here on this cold stark street

Gettin’ Ready – UFO

How were you to make the pieces fit Into a plan to start a new life Friends pat your back, then stab you with a knife ** I must