Performer UGLY KID-JOE

Goddamn Devil – Ugly Kid Joe

These are things that will bring you to me Murder and theft and all of the above You can bet your life I know what you’re thinking of I’ve

So Damn Cool – Ugly Kid Joe

I wanna know, where to go if I get scared… and… I wanna be, in a place where no one cares, and… I, I, I wanna know you! ‘Cause

Same Side – Ugly Kid Joe

Or what you’re gonna be People from all walks of life You gotta have diversity We’re all in this together And together we shall be You gotta be a

Neighbor – Ugly Kid Joe

Suburban life, a pretty wife, you think you’ve got it made But you don’t know, what’s in store, for you and your family I’m movin’ in, right next door,

Panhandlin’ Prince – Ugly Kid Joe

Not much else to do Smoke cigarettes and rink my Mickey’s Fine malt liquor brew As I start drinkin’ and I start thinkin’ That death is on my side

Everything About You – Ugly Kid Joe

And I, hate the beach and moutains too (and) I don’t like a thing about the city, no, no And I, I, I, hate the country side too! And

Busy Bee – Ugly Kid Joe

Possibly you’ll disagree Busy Bee watch the world go by Everybody’s alright with me That’s just the way I choose to be Everybody’s on my mind Can’t sit aside

Funky Fresh Country Club – Ugly Kid Joe

And you’re walking down the street And you’re trying to find the girl That you really want to meet You’re flying past the reef And you’re drinking shrunking heads

Whiplash Liquor – Ugly Kid Joe

We ain’t glam and we ain’t trash We’re victims of a society That fucks with me about sobriety They say don’t drink this and don’t drink that ’cause it

Don’t Go – Ugly Kid Joe

This time, this time I love you Last time, last time I hate you Next time, next time I need you Baby please don’t go Remember when I met

Too Bad – Ugly Kid Joe

Washed upon the shore Too many times you locked me out Johnny knockin, knocking at your door You’re looking past the mirror Yes you’ve reached the other side You’re

Come Tomorrow – Ugly Kid Joe

I met the Devil, kept my soul Walkin’ out on lakes of fire and I’m gone Walkin’ in a wonderland And I don’t really understand The place I’m comin’

Madman – Ugly Kid Joe

c’mon baby, just you and me Hand in hand, to Disneyland, we go! Not slow Happiest place, in the world until a madman grabs a girl; Hand in hand,