Performer UNHOLY

Wanderer – Unholy

I possess the privilege of pain perpetual motion of perpetual unrest never ending search for the innermost ring realms where you’re a dweller are sacredness beyond belief ecstasy of

Stench Of Ishtar – Unholy

On earth surrounds darkness From space moonlight throws back And clearly no one is no one in here Somewhere outside of circle, questions, whispers This is my place, i

Seeker – Unholy

Out of lord deliverance. Deliverance of Golden Cage No evil not without lust. No lust not without need No need without fear. Out of terror gods breed. No rest

Daybreak – Unholy

for you’re seeking hell waste not young life in vain Sight of flesh so tender only brings heartache and pain It’s all mirage in desert of vanity “O’youth seek

… Of Tragedy – Unholy

entered the world not welcomed tears shed in pain never dry all my days I behold her cry “Nothing you say worth hearing All that you do brings me

When Truth Turns Its Head – Unholy

Secret hopes are hidden inside my maelstrom Pale face in the depths of reality For ever and ever, Life’s a stroll in minor key Sympathy of cosmic powers Rest