Death Metal Victory – Unleashed

…death metal victory All of those who tried to make us stop They must all be made of clay Tried so many times with no result Yet me get

In The Northern Lands – Unleashed

To thee I reach for might Long ago in the northern lands They sacrificed for might Brothers Three who killed to give Mortals land and sea Midgaards rose from

The One Insane – Unleashed

I live in my own world I’ll be the one you fear …the one insane People say I’m mad And the one insane I mustn’t speak my word And

Mediawhore – Unleashed

Mediawhore… Just another face On the tv-screen What a sad excuse For a human being You’re a mediawhore With cocaine up your ass A mediawhore Just another name In

The Defender – Unleashed

With sword and shield and baatle axe in hand Young and strong he was the chosen one To lead the armies and to defend his land The day had

Captured – Unleashed

Another day, another hell within Yesterday’s sorrows come creeping by Soon to remind my of tomorrow’s lies I gasp for air I scream for sight Haven’t seen anything yet

The Immortals – Unleashed

Rise – my armies – with power – from Hell – we march… When all their power’s gone and nothing’s left but shame We are the evil ones, a

Execute Them All – Unleashed

Sounds the charge …to war I hate the universe and everything inside I detest all I see, nothing pleases my mind Execute them all It’s my final war I

Onward Into Countless Battles – Unleashed

Off we sail from Svea shores To test our steel through out the world Soon to come a raging battle The strong will join and the weak shall fall

Shadows In The Deep – Unleashed

Shadows in the deep, once flesh and blood Promised to finally see the light Taking farewell of this life’s mortal Hell Hope to face the master, his blessings to

A Life Beyond – Unleashed

A life beyond reality, a must to reach the only way out So distant to this rotten world and I know – it isn’t for me I don’t care

Countess Bathory – Unleashed

(These words taken from Venom’s original version) Wellcoming the virgin’s fair, to live a noble life In the castle known to all The Count’s infernal wife She invites the

Crush The Skull – Unleashed

Preachers of the ancient lies Hypocrisy the golden rule I’m laughing with sardonic wrath At each of your ten commands Crush the skull – sacrifice Crush the skull –

Down Under Ground – Unleashed

This is the story about A young man who died Who didn’t have the guts To fight back He put his pride In a plant so green He started

Born Deranged – Unleashed

Bombs go off and shake the ground Radiation all around It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t sound All survived or so it seems Another nuclear life begins A child is

Never Ending Hate – Unleashed

Mindless people without a face Cannot stand our human race So they call us left behind We laugh with pride, stand and fight Never ending hate Politicians in the

Scream Forth Aggression – Unleashed

Welcome to this night of war No one can stop us now We shall fight ’til death us do part Join us now you middle man and march with

Hero Of The Land – Unleashed

Long ago when the century was young Lived a man who passed his land on to his son Long ago when the moral of man was high Life was

To Asgaard We Fly – Unleashed

End of search, I hear them all Now my quest is to live your dream Land of the free passed on to me I hail to thee on precious

The Final Silence – Unleashed

No more shall we pray for peace Never ever ask them why No more shall we stop their visions Of selfdestructing genocide Dogs on leads march to war Go