View Of The Rain – Urge Overkill

I don’t try anymore, ’cause only booze improves with age, I don’t fight anymore, but sometimes my fists clentch up in rage And I don’t cry anymore, but sometimes

Tin Foil – Urge Overkill

it what your tryin to say now what’s wrong again I was the one who said hi hi I know I know where you been but what’s the matter

Henhough: The Greatest Story Ever Told – Urge Overkill

Smoke rises from a fire that warms the small cabin there As the young girl inside lights her man’s big pipe And kisses him goodnight But he is still

Today Is Blackie’s Birthday – Urge Overkill

a full-grown baby you’re growin’ so tired of growin’ old and how old are ya’? and were you ever (really?…baby?) there’ll be a new Sun risin’ for another day’s

Faroutski – Urge Overkill

I’m just a boy without a place it doesn’t bother me I’m going to find me another way I’m gonna finally count my change and get it all to

Out On The Airstrip – Urge Overkill

You ground the flyboy you’ll be clear for miles They’re throwing a party They’re throwing vials You been wearing a gymsuit Flagging him down Now to land this bigass

Blow Chopper – Urge Overkill

now I’m not the kind to give no warning I’ve just been coming round all night I’m not the kind to leave in the morning I’m just trying to

Heaven 90210 – Urge Overkill

Me and Innocence, just playing cards by the swimming pool. They pull me out of an empty place, left me all alone I wanna touch you. Think I’m movin’

The Mistake – Urge Overkill

Travellin’ across the USA, It’s hard sometimes to keep it together. Nothing but the songs that you play And a couple kids believing your sound. Living’s just this social

Ticket To LA – Urge Overkill

I’d never been to LA in my life c’mon get me there Goin’ down to blow down, said I’m gonna go today On a greyhound bus yeah, on the

Your Friend Is Insane – Urge Overkill

and she’s always been a friend but she’ll take you for that ride it’s what she laughs about it’s what she cries about when she gives a sacred sigh…huh

Very Sad Trousers – Urge Overkill

Very Sad Trousers They’re very sad I’ve got the hand, going out of my mind I’m just sliding, all I want is a try I’m not joking when I

God Flinstone – Urge Overkill

looks like it’s gonna be a rainbow day Fruity Pebbles falling from the sky all the colors of a rainbow high was soothin’ my soul till I seen it

Crackbabies – Urge Overkill

Had another breakdown Had another day Do you want to be around? Do you like it baby? Do you like it baby? Do I do it well? Can you

Smokehouse – Urge Overkill

I wanna get me some I had a bottle of whisky and a bag of wine ya headed back to the shithouse I had to follow ya back remember

Emmaline – Urge Overkill

We were together since we were far She was so pretty, Emma was a star in everyone’s eyes And when she said she’d be a movie queen, nobody left

Sister Havana – Urge Overkill

Don’t you want to, want to get along? Everyday just like a vacation with you When I’m watchin’ you and Fidel Castro in the sand, kissin’! Girl you got

Last Night/Tomorrow – Urge Overkill

never wanted to get back on from the moment I get there that’s the moment I said I swear, that I, I won’t, fine you sold me again –

Need Some Air – Urge Overkill

gotta right to be wrong just like the song I sang there’s right goin on what’s that to do with me it sure ain’t on TV guess the revolution

Empire Builder – Urge Overkill

Empire, build it higher and higher He’s coming for booty On a black-eyed horse, he’ll ride it up the wall They’re gonna set you up pretty, Geronimo They’ll stick