Performer USED THE

Greener With The Scenery – Used, The

how could you go and do something like that my fingernail phase worst has got the best of you I ask you and I know I need to change

Earthquake – Used, The

I almost heard her cry out as I left her far behind I knew the world was crashing down around her I sink now to the ocean floor Cause

Paralyzed – Used, The

And say something you could understand I’m a statue baby, knock me out Oh how these moments fade away, you say you never loved me We say things we

I caught fire (in your eyes) – Used, The

Seem to stop my breath My head on your chest Waiting to cave in From the bottom of my… Hear your voice again Could we dim the sun And

Lunacy Fringe – Used, The

Never thought youd make me, break me Now I’m up, from below Such a brilliant star you are And will your love keep burning baby? Burn a hole right

The Ripper – Used, The

I’m done, makes no difference Stare straight, stare at the sun I’m done, makes no difference Time takes us all So why am I not just living for today

Yesterday’s Feelings – Used, The

The worries are washed out to sea See the changes, people’s faces blurred out Like sunspots or raindrops… (Chorus) Now all those feelings, those yesterdays feelings will all be

Pieces Mended – Used, The

like I can’t rock like a rock hit my heart started to chain the day and exploded into pieces marry me stay the same lie to me and try

Wake The Dead – Used, The

A bunch of holes where the dead used to be underground Forget supernatural ’cause all those resting in peace are out walking the streets Yeah with no heartbeat Across

Zero Mechanism [demo version] – Used, The

it takes more and now that i’m willing to beg now it stands right in front of me dig this dirt out from under my nails and I feel

Bulimic [demo version] – Used, The

To the way that I felt it It wasn’t worth my time And now it’s sad cause all I missed Wasn’t that good to begin with And now I’ve

The Bird And The Worm – Used, The

His backpack is all that he knows Shot down by strangers Whose glances can cripple The heart and devour the soul All alone he turns to stone While holding

I’m A Fake – Used, The

Rise the wake and carry me with all of my regrets. This is not a small cut that scabs, and dries, and flakes, and heals. And I am not

Find A Way – Used, The

Space fills your mind and you dream awhile The sun floods your room as you drown your lungs full of breathing Your true love believe One more time to

Choke me – Used, The

And I can turn to the box for some peace Or a box for a piece Or a box for a smoke But they’re all going to choke me

Poetic Tragedy – Used, The

as far as he sees nothing’s left in the cup A whole cup full of nothing for him to indulge since the voice of ambition has long since been

A Box Full Of Sharp Objects – Used, The

glorified by what is ours We’ve fallen in love We’ve fallen in love It was the best idea I ever had Today I fell and felt better Just knowing

Let It Bleed – Used, The

I broke the needle off in my skin. Pick the scabs and pick the bleeding. And assume that it was all in vain. Positive a scab that’s never healing.

Blue And Yellow – Used, The

And it starts just where the light exists. It’s a feeling that you cannot miss, And it burns a hole, Through everyone that feels it. Well you’re never gonna

Take It Away – Used, The

You are about to see, and hear, one of the most significant messages given to us from god. **door creaks open** **Gun loads** GET DOWN! Hey! GET DOWN! I’m