Performer USHER

Final Goodbye – Usher

It’s over now It’s time to say goodbye Is there a reason why our love could not last I ask was it too strong for you to hold on

The Many Ways – Usher

My lady You like what you’re hearin’ baby What’s going on I’ve seen you around my way A couple times You must have just moved around The way right

U Don’t Have To – Usher

Situations will rise in a lives But you gotta be smarter about it Cele-brations, with the guys, I sacrifice Cause I knew you could not sleep witouting me 1-

You Took My Heart – Usher

Forever in my heart you’ll stay No matter what we’ve been through I’m going to keep on loving you It’s not the way that i feel Cause i’m really

Can’t Let U Go – Usher

Yo, shit I’m sick of this man I can’t even take no more Cause I hate the fact that I love you so much And you don’t even understand

Love Was Here – Usher

If you come home I’ll make it right oh no Love was here and gone I ask myself Now why have i been dreaming 2 bring imaginary Real 2

Love In This Club (Remix) – Usher

(feat. Young Jeezy and T. I.) I wanna see ya late night when the club stay hyped How ya dance on the floor make me wanna lay

Confessions Pt. 2 – Usher

These are my confessions Just when I thought I said all I can say My chick on the side said she got one on the way These are

Can You Help Me – Usher

1 – Will you help me Tell me what you want from me Can you help me Tell me why you wanna leave Baby help me Without you my

Can U Get Wit It – Usher

There’s so many thing that i want to do I promise u when i’m ready I’m gonna spend my whole life with u What is love is it steady

Echo – Usher

Can’t keep listening To the whispering that’s Coming from your friends I recognize that my past is Bad but let’s get past the past when everybody’s hatin Can get

Caught Up – Usher

Who been doin’ it my way Gettin’ my bread for years In my career And every lover In and out my life I hear love and left the tears

T-T-P – Usher

Oh, oh, oh, T-T-P Somebody tell me Why do people stay in situations that”ll never work Thinkin’ bout you wanna leave and You can’t wait to get even When

My Way – Usher

Cause all ya’ll other (look) out there doin’ what I’m doin’ Or tryin’ to do what i’m doin’ but you can’t Cause I do it my way What about

This Ain’t Sex – Usher

Do you turn this up She shoulda’ve been Aah feel me, yeah You know What’s gonna happened If I get you over here Babyyy I can’t wait To get

What’s Your Name? – Usher

Ey Girl Ey ey ey girl Ey ey eh eh ey girl What’s your name? Baby, what’s your number? Cause girl you got me, you got a brother wondering

Help Me – Usher

down – But in my biggest picture – Was a photo of U and me – Girl you know I try – I work hard to provide all the

Smile Again – Usher

La la la la la la la Smile again Just smile again I’ll always be there for you What can i do to make you smile again Just smile

If I Want To – Usher

If I want to – I can take you from your man With my eyes closed I can have you eating out the palm out of my hand And

Love In This Club – Usher

I gotta do it for the ladies. And I gotta keep it hood. Where we at Polo I see you Ryan I’m gonna keep it right We just getting