Performer UTOPIA

Shot In The Dark – Utopia

I face the same old line of empty faces Sit at my desk while the clock counts up my wages Pick up my pay every Friday and take off

You Make Me Crazy – Utopia

I smoked a hundred cigarettes I chewed my lip ’til it bled But the phone made not a sound Sometimes I wonder If you ever wonder what’s become of

The Very Last Time – Utopia

How much abuse can someone stand and survive How long I’ve waited for this day to arrive When I won’t be a fool no more Nobody knows how you

Rape Of The Young – Utopia

Won’t you have pity Won’t you have pity on the guiltless ones Hey Mister Chrysler Won’t you think about it Won’t you think about it? Judgment Day has begun

Sunburst Finish – Utopia

Lost in a whirling dervish ballet Musicians playing Out of tune in perfect harmony Traveling down the sandy track Compass in hand, guitar on my back Trying to find

Crystal Ball – Utopia

I’ve heard it all before I don’t need no gypsy I don’t need no crystal ball Since you started messin’ round on me darlin’ Now the phone’s ringing off

The Ikon – Utopia

In a time unique, in a place divine Keep your eye on the Ikon Shining in the light of eternal mind. I went to sleep a blind man But

My Angel – Utopia

It’s not easy I must stand alone It’s the kind of a life I’ve chosen Right or wrong I can feel Near me always Something to live up to

Do Ya – Utopia

Well I, I’ve seen lovers flying through the air hand in hand, I’ve seen babies dancing in the midnight sun, And I’ve seen sweet dreams that came from the

Man Of Action – Utopia

You count the minutes like beads on a string Open the floor for a little debate While you sit and watch the rug unravelling You got a message from

Style – Utopia

Style is often overlooked Style is never in the papers I read it like an open book Style If you can’t see the substance Style shows how it’s organized

Play This Game – Utopia

I could pretend that I want something I don’t need These are the things that go through my head But then, I could be an angel disguised as a

Caravan – Utopia

Moses came back with the law Jesus went into the desert God only knows what he saw Hitch up your ass and your camel Fill up your skin at

Maybe I Could Change – Utopia

Maybe it’s just a waste of time This reminds me so much of the day you said goodbye And as you walked away still I would not admit you

I Will Wait – Utopia

When all I thought that I wanted Was someone to touch me Like I thought everyone was touched What did I know, what was I thinking What did I

Back On The Street – Utopia

Forty-four months since the slammer door closed They give me a suit and put me back on the road And my thoughts are racing Where do I go? What

Jealousy – Utopia

I was just trying to have some fun I let my guard down, I just turned ’round Someone slashed me with a razor tongue It’s a strange situation I’m

Mated – Utopia

Are we some kind of lovers? Everyone asks what you’re doing with me I know this is not what they want They’re afraid you’ve been blinded But I already

Another Life – Utopia

But I swear that I knew you In another life And I could be dreaming but I swear That I knew you in another life Something happened just the

Only Human – Utopia

It’s only human to despise yourself when you’re weak I don’t know why but that’s the way that it’s always been And I play by the rules I don’t