Gypsy In My Soul – Van Morrison

It’s just the gypsy in my soul Make me pack up my things and go It may seem like I’m on a roll But it’s just the gypsy in

The Eternal Kansas City – Van Morrison

Excuse me do you know the way to Kansas City? Excuse me do you know the way to Kansas City? Excuse me do you know the way to Kansas

It Once Was My Life – Van Morrison

Strolling down the avenues They were sitting outside in cafes We were looking for the muse Well I was locked in by the system Where no freedom is the

Fair Play – Van Morrison

Killarney’s lakes are so blue And the architecture I’m taking in with my mind So fine… Tell me of Poe Oscar Wilde and Thoreau Let your midnight and your

Orangefield – Van Morrison

You came my way in Orangefield Saw you standing by the riverside in Orangefield How I love you then in Orangefield Like I love you now in Orangefield And

I Wanna Roo You (Scottish Derivative) – Van Morrison

Covered in snow You in the kitchen With the lights way down low I’m in the parlor playing my old guitar Speaking to you, darling, to find out how

Ain’t Nothin’ You Can Do – Van Morrison

When you got a headache An you try to soothe the pain Go right back to sleep And you’ll feel all right again When ya got a backache Little

Madame George – Van Morrison

With a childlike vision leaping into view Clicking, clacking of the high heeled shoe Ford & Fitzroy, Madame George Marching with the soldier boy behind He’s much older with

I Just Wanna Make Love To You – Van Morrison

I don’t want you to be no slave I don’t want you to think you got it made Do exactly what you wanna do I just wanna make love

No Trouble Livin’ – Van Morrison

How you wish that things could be ‘Cause I don’t have no trouble livin’ It’s jus’ dyin that bothers me Don’t offer me no sad stories or Tell me

Wavelength – Van Morrison

This is a song about your wavelength And my wavelength, baby You turn me on When you get me on your wavelength Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah With your

Haunts Of Ancient Peace – Van Morrison

We walk in haunts of ancient peace. At night we rest and go to sleep In haunts of ancient peace. The love and light we seek, The words we

My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It – Van Morrison

Well I’m standing on the corner With my bucket in my hand Just waiting for a woman That ain’t got no man My bucket’s got a hole in it

Wonderful Remark – Van Morrison

That pervades when we all cry How can you watch the violence That erupts before your eyes You can’t even grab a hold on When we’re hanging oh so

Baby You Got What It Takes – Van Morrison

Well, it takes more than a robin To make a winter cold Then it takes two lips of fire To melt away the snow Yeah, and it takes two

How Can A Poor Boy? – Van Morrison

When I was a shepherd of men Chased the wild goose, chased the pot of gold Chased the rainbows end How can a poor boy deliver this message to

Quality Street – Van Morrison

Lost love, makes me wonder why I’ve found a love, a once in a lifetime love Angel on high, from heaven so high above So I thank God for

Perfect Fit – Van Morrison

Your looks and my language, this could be the perfect touch What you are asking fits with everything on my list This could be the perfect fit Tell me

Underlying Depression – Van Morrison

Underlying depression don’t want to know about the moon in June Outside there’s a cavalcade of clowns but they`re bringing me down With underlying depression Underlying depression and it’s

Songwriter – Van Morrison

I’m a songwriter, pen and paper in my hand Get the words on the page Please don’t call me a sage, I’m a songwriter I’m a songwriter and I