(He’s Got) The Look – Vanessa Williams

He’s got the look baby I want to know He’s got the look baby just got to know One sleepless night, no air inside went out to have some

Oh How The Years Go By – Vanessa Williams

We only had ourselves, nobody else No one there to save us We had to save ourselves And when the storms came through They found me and you, Uh

Who Were You Thinkin’ ’bout? – Vanessa Williams

Who were you thinkin’ about Who were you thinkin’ bout Were you thinkin’ bout me, baby The first time she touched you hand? Were you thinkin’ bout me, baby

Start Again – Vanessa Williams

I can’t believe it, loneliness is calling me And I can hear it See I never thought I’d feel this way So soon, no… There is something that I

Love Is – Vanessa Williams

A beam of light shining to the edge of the universe it conquers all, it changes everything They say it’s a blessing, they say it’s a gift they say

Angels We Have Heard On High – Vanessa Williams

and I must admit, it took me by surprise I heard rhythm, and the fullness of life so rich, it brought tears to my eyes There was a time,

Open Your Eyes You Can Fly – Vanessa Williams

Never be afraid to love never be afraid to just be just cast away the chains of doubt have the courage to be free Don’t cloud your rise with

You Don’t Have To Say You’re Sorry – Vanessa Williams

We all make mistakes, I’ve made my share, Oh. You don’t have to say you’re sorry I don’t need those words to know you care. Explanations aren’t required even

Colors Of The Wind – Vanessa Williams

The earth is just a dead thing you can claim But I know ev’ry rock and tree and creature Has a life, has a spirit, has a name You

Constantly – Vanessa Williams

Though I tried to hide it The feeling just kept on shining through Haven’t know you that long So I try to deny it But the feeling was much

You Gotta Go – Vanessa Williams

why we can’t see eye to eye and like a fool I believed we would find a way to survive I wish we could be more than just a

Crazy ’bout You – Vanessa Williams

Asked me if this was love, are we serious I kindly replied that I loved you Don’t know if I should be falling again There’s a part of me,

Hark The Herald Angels Sing – Vanessa Williams

Glory to the new born king Peace on earth and mercy mild god and sinners reconciled Joyful all ye nations rise join the triumph of the skies with angelic

Darlin’I – Vanessa Williams

tride so hard to make it last feelings are far gone they seem to fade away but yet I can her him say We did try, tried our best

Save The Best For Last – Vanessa Williams

Save the Best for Last Sometimes the snow comes down in june sometimes the sun goes ’round the moon I see the passion in your eyes sometimes It’s all

The Eastiest Thing – Vanessa Williams

To all my hoping and dreaming And joy I have never felt before Suddenly there’s a reason Something I can believe in And finally I know what my heart

Lost Without You – Vanessa Williams

It’s taking all I have just to live from day to day My heart aches for you I can’t believe we’re through, Oh baby, I miss you CHORUS: I’m

Can This Be Real? – Vanessa Williams

haven’t we both been here before sightless no more no vision so high Your touch, my hand suspecting that I understand night stands passin’ I’m askin’, your life Can

The Sweetest Days – Vanessa Williams

Holding the night so close Hanging on, still unbroken While outside the thunder rolls Listen now, you can hear our heartbeat Warm against life’s bitter cold These are the

Still In Love – Vanessa Williams

just what are you thinking you look so forlorn maybe you’re thinking that I have been untrue so let me assure you and tell you the truth I’m not