One Of This Days – Velvet Underground

One of these days And it’s peculiar Gonna look for me And baby I’ll be gone One of these days And it won’t be long You gonna call my

Lonesome Cowboy Bill – Velvet Underground

Lonesome Cowboy Bill Rides the rodeo. Lonesome Cowboy Bill, You got to see him yodel “;Ay-hee-ho!”; Lonesome Cowboy Bill Rides the rodeo. Ever since he was a little lad,

All Tomorrow’s Parties – Velvet Underground

And what costume shall the poor girl wear To all tomorrow’s parties A hand-me-down dress from who knows where To all tomorrow’s parties And where will she go and

Rock And Roll – Velvet Underground

Jenny said when she was just five years old There was nothing happening at all Every time she puts on a radio There was a nothin’ goin’ down at

Run Run Run – Velvet Underground

Teenage Mary said to Uncle Dave I sold my soul, must be saved Gonna take a walk down to Union Square You never know who you’re gonna find there

Stephanie Says – Velvet Underground

(Reed) Stephanie says that she wants to know Why she’s given half her life, to people she hates now Stephanie says when answering the phone What country shall I

I’m Sticking With You – Velvet Underground

I’m sticking with you ‘Cos I’m made out of glue Anything that you might do I’m gonna do too You held up a stage coach in the rain And

I Found A Reason – Velvet Underground

Pa papa papa papa Pa papa papa papa Pa papa papa papa Pa papa papa papa I found a reason to keep living Oh and the reason, dear, is

What Goes On – Velvet Underground

What goes on in your mind? I think that I am falling down. What goes on in your mind? I think that I am upside down. Lady, be good,

Sweet Jane – Velvet Underground

Standing on the corner, suitcase in my hand Jack is in his corset, and Jane is her vest, And me I’m in a rock’n’roll band Hah! Ridin’ in a

The Ocean – Velvet Underground

——————————————– Here comes the Ocean And the waves down by the shore Here comes the Ocean And the waves down by the sea Earth is a hollow hair bought

Andy’s Chest – Velvet Underground

If I could be anything in the world that flew I would be a bat and come swooping after you And if the last time you were here things

Head Held High – Velvet Underground

My mama told me, ever since I was seven, Hold your head up high. My parents toldmy ever since I was eleven, “;Hold your head up high.”; They said

Venus In Furs – Velvet Underground

Whiplash girlchild in the dark Clubs and bells, your servant, don’t forsake him Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart Downy sins of streetlight fancies Chase the costumes she

Temptation Inside Your Heart – Velvet Underground

Somebody shut the door I know where temptation lies Inside of you heart You can talk during this I know where the evil lies Inside of your heart Well

Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ – Velvet Underground

Say a word for Jimmy Brown He ain’t got nothing at all Not a shirt right of his back He ain’t got nothing at all And say a word

Pale Blue Eyes – Velvet Underground

Sometimes I feel so happy Sometimes I feel so sad Sometimes I feel so happy But mostly you just make me mad Baby you just make me mad Linger

New Age – Velvet Underground

Loaded Version Can I have your autograph He said to the fat blonde actress You know I’ve seen every movie you’ve been in From Paths of Pain to Jewels

I Can’t Stand It – Velvet Underground

Before being a man Livin’ in a garbage pail My landlady call me up She tried to hit me with a mop I can’t stand it anymore more I

I’ll Be Your Mirror – Velvet Underground

I’ll be your mirror Reflect what you are, in case you don’t know I’ll be the wind, the rain and the sunset The light on your door to show