Performer VENOM

Trinity MCMXLV 0530 – Venom

Across the land Open minds and now open sores But no open hand Hiding in our trench of steel To witness the blast Nothing to say and now nothing

Hellchild – Venom

Demon of delights you won’t fight Hellchild Tonights the night tonight I walk the streets of darkness Indulgence in the air To late to save the few Who knew

Possessed – Venom

Fire is burning inside of me Fire it burns Fire it burns Look at the children Look at my eyes Look at me Satans child Born of evil thus

Moonshine – Venom

Taste her feel her Rising the west Hear the slack tormentor She’s the best Warm me cool me You can take me day or night Be my inventor I

Sacrifice – Venom

fires burn within their eyes pentagram with baphomet midnight strikes goat of menders lifts his head summons up the living dead virgin flesh lies tied and bound hail satanas

Stand Up And Be Counted – Venom

Messangers of Satan We pledge you all Raise your hands This is the solstice Hail legions arise We’ll raise the roof Touch the skies Were praying for The wings

All Devils Eve – Venom

Black warlocks concentrate predicting prophecies Announcing serenade uniting under stars The celebration desecration from afar Secret – evening – thunder Pagans – dancing – under Pale moon – rising

Lady Lust – Venom

In dim lit corners dressed in black the bitch portrayed Oh what’s your thing young man or try her lucky dip The golden showers free but don’t forget the

Welcome To Hell – Venom

Living low in a world of our own, Destined to live right, fight, We’re taking hell as our home, Burning lives burning, Asking me for the mercy of god,

Control Freak – Venom

Controller stands his ground Un-moving, fixed staring You must comply with his demands He tells you this Don’t think to question his will Mutter his congregation Un-told terrors will

Suffer Not The Children – Venom

Listen to the night Loud as Hell and black as death Only men take fright Sit around my flame bright Warm your bones and hear Virgins die and demons

The Evil One – Venom

The tempeter sinner man Archfiend diabolos Hail leviathan Omnipotence lucifer Asmodeus my soul Feeding off inhuman life Blood of liquid gold Evil One Flesh and bone Evil One Set

Black Metal – Venom

Power amps set to explode Energy screams, magic and dreams Satan records the first note. We chime the hell, chaos and hell Metal for maniacs pure. Fast melting steel,

Schizo – Venom

Mystery surrounds him, What terrible secret does he hide, An ordinary man, Doing what he can, But what goes on inside his mind. The night draws nigh, With darkened

Genocide – Venom

Standing in the wings The reaper waits to play his part Fear drains the blood From every pure human heart The final word is spoken A lovers last embrace

Voyeur – Venom

Dirty little nurse Teachers, whores and chambermaids All lifting up their skirts Sister’s in the bathroom Getting nice and clean Telescopic vision He’s bursting at the seams Posion pleasures,

Mystique – Venom

Mystique of mind reveal, Mystique of mind Mystique our majesty, Goddess unwind Mystique my reveil Match the eyes of the dragon Catch the flames of breath Hypnotize reality And

At War With Satan – Venom

poised, crouched on the corner of a cliffs edge waits eagerly, eyes glare patiently. Red eyes filled with fire and torment gleam in the frenzied brightness across the shadowed

Sadist (Mistress Of The Whip) – Venom

Deep into my flesh Your nails rip the blood From my veins Resistance is destroyed By the pain I cannot take much more Your driving me insane Disguising Hell

Faerie Tale – Venom

the tales I have to tell Of demons, death and misery In this wonderland called hell The things that children dream of Are present in this land Look in