In Nomine Satanas – Venom

We’ll acheive our goal With the blessings of Hades We’ll outlive our role Through the power of Hellfire We will gather our strength With the blood of mere mortals

Foad – Venom

Ignores the light of day Suspictious minds decide The fate you have to pay The judge and jury Cast aside your mortal shell Rebel – it’s your hell Protect

Loaded – Venom

You pray for salvation Your soul you would sell Avoiding damnation And those who reign in hell A game for the liar But who pays the price The stakes

Speed King – Venom

Whe she was rockin in the house of the blue light Tooty Fruity was oh so rotty Rockin to the east and west Loucile was oh so real When

Teachers Pet – Venom

underneath the desk she looked at me and winked her eye said “see you after class” I heard the school bell ring that told me that the day was

Tribes – Venom

blood is fresh but you are dead Cross into the freaks domain See your fear feel your pain The prophesy has now begun You cannot hide you cannot run

Seven Gates Of Hell – Venom

When love gives way to hate The quest begins For the keys to the seven gates Ride the wings of a locust See the wizard cast his spell Search

Domus Mundi – Venom

Taste the soil, inside my mouth Muscles screaming, soundless cries Silent staring, of a thousand eyes Blood is pumping – through my veins Tendond tearing – while fragile life

Powerdrive – Venom

Haulocost so vast While devestation is our homeland Light aint all that fast Vesuvious erupts our tune Igniting all in reach Leaving all in purgatory Until time decides to

Acid – Venom

Fills my need As I feel my body burst with great speed And I clench a needle in a blood drained fist Then I turn and mark another trip

Were Gonna Burn This Place To The Ground – Venom

If you want some action Don’t you take a seat In the darkness were gonna Knock you off your feet Dancing with the devil Feel the scorching heat Evacuate

Playtime – Venom

well aou ain’t heard nothing yet skooldaze over teacher thinks that’s no life skirts up, heads down, Playtime you know I’m wanting you I know you’re wanting every inch

Raised In Hell – Venom

raised to rule on earth Crucify the martyrs soul To give the infant birth Hearts of titans powerful Fighting the good fight Lillith puts him to her breast And

Poison – Venom

Your rotten to the core, Every body knows what you got, But they still come back for more, Your everybodys favourite, You give them all a good time, Your

Flytrap – Venom

Sacrafice her life Washes out the demon sleep That hides between her eyes Walking, watching, wandering out Of soul she must persue in death Will she reach you? Flytrap

Arachnid – Venom

I see you now Crawling all over me Symptom of my darkest fears With me now Living inside of me In the night As you sleep the web begins

Destroyed & Damned – Venom

You throw them back and say the crime is mine I balance life and death now you deny I read these words aloud and watch you die I sit

Rip Ride – Venom

The deadly race begins Cyanide, suicide No prayers or foolish whims Tonight we’ll fight With glory in our veins Can’t stop us now Our evil always will reign The

Buried Alive – Venom

As friend gather round and mourners they weep My mind thinks of all the things I have done My body is cold but my heart beat goes on And

One Thousand Days In Sodom – Venom

No-one was spared out of mind, out of sight Hatred and slaughter, degredation and lust Self destruction never counting the cost, No-one knew the suffering Behind the city walls