Human PiСata – Videodrone

Directions say assembly required Nothing’s admired the majority’s been Hired, wired, the truth the roof is on fire A life all I desire Paychecks, respect disappears quickly Situation tense

Pig In A Blanket – Videodrone

Translated by Reptilian You roll with the sick dog We come with a sick dog song You big, what the fuck they think you’re live But you’re dead wrong

Ty Jonathan Down – Videodrone

(Videodrone/Jonathan Davis) Fifteen, pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep, secrets I keep, under lock and key Someone help me So look, at me, you’re like a superstar I can

Ant In The Dope – Videodrone

I would fast for days And call you a god I would do anything even say I’m in love Just to penetrate between your open thighs I would tell

Powertools For Girls – Videodrone

Dirt and grease The seductive sin Green tattoos, hands all over Life starts over again The cement floor The garage door Screwdrivers, fingers inside her Down on all fours

Closer To Coma – Videodrone

Have you seen my sanity? I seem to have left it at home I feel pushed up against the wall Like some Black Flag song Oh and i try

Alone With 20 Bucks – Videodrone

Living, barely surviving Freebasing life till its end Divided soulless vices Death before life could begin Evil dollar bills, life stood still A tumor removed from your brain Prescription

Faceplant – Videodrone

Like ecstasy to the spine A moment of lost words no memory of time A twist from within Like the calling of the Lord A shock a convulsion no