Performer VIOLENCE

Subterflige – Violence

Deceiving Face Fits Perfect Like A Glove In The Camera Eye Of This World. A Pocket Lie, I Don’t Know Why. Subterflige Works On You. A Major Voice, Forked

Mentally Afflicted – Violence

Enter I, Disturbing Peace Of Mind Pressure Reflects Me. Manipulate, And Break The Feeling Of Faith. Weak Fools Obsess Me. Glare Inside, Shines My Mind It’s Quite Distorted, It’s

World In A World – Violence

I, Being The Judge Of This Legal Court Motion For The Accused To Arise. Stand Up Boy, Here’s The End Of Your Life. Now All Be In Awe Of

Engulfed By Flames – Violence

On The Case Of An Unusual Death Tonight. Corpse Erupt, Sweet Smell Of Cremation In Flight. My Eyes Attracted To A Pile Of Ash In All My Time I

Oppressing The Masses – Violence

Land Of Old, This Soil I Now See Turns Grey. Looking On, I See Crowds That Stand Against Tyrant Guns, Blow Them Away. All For The Sake Of Freedom,

I Profit – Violence

( Solo: Flynn ) Feeling Taken, God Do I Hate. Pinstripped, Blacktied, Corporate Minds That Hate. All That They See Fit To Be Theirs. Giving Nothing Except Only To