Sweet Misery Blues – Violent Femmes

I could tell by your look that you didn’t want to meet. So this time, I went away, but next time, I’m just gonna have to say, can I

Don’t Start Me On The Liquor – Violent Femmes

I’ll drink it all down straight I’ll make a toast to love But I drink the most When I got somebody to hate I’m an old man I got

I Wanna See You Again – Violent Femmes

I don’t care where and I don’t care when. I wanna see you again, cause this beginning will have no end. Bring your whips, bring your chains. We can

Confessions – Violent Femmes

what are they worrin about today seems like there’s a good reason to worry worry worry I’d sit around listening to you story if I wasn’t in such a

I Hear The Rain – Violent Femmes

I hear the rain. Got to kill the pain. I hear the rain. I hear the rain. I hear the rain. Got to kill the pain. Burry me out

Good Feeling – Violent Femmes

won’t you stay with me just a little longer it always seems like your leaving when I need you here just a little longer dear lady there’s so many

Kiss Off – Violent Femmes

someone who’d care to love could it be you could it be you situation gets rough then I start to panic it’s not enough it’s just a habit hey

Add It Up – Violent Femmes

I will walk and I will play but the day after today I will stop and I will start my way why can’t I get just one kiss why

Black Girls – Violent Femmes

I was so pleased to learn they were faster. C’est, c’est, c’est vous I’m after. All comes a faggot white boy. Said look, look, look first kind of joy.

Special – Violent Femmes

You smile because you know You smile I told you so C’mon gimme a smile—I’m gonna let you know You’re something special Your momma don’t lie Your papa don’t

American Music – Violent Femmes

I like american music don’t you like american music baby I want you to hold me I want your arms around me I want you to hold me baby

I’m Nothing – Violent Femmes

I-M-N-O-T-H-I-N I’m nothing’ I’m nothin’ Are you a republican or a democrat A liberal fascist full of crap I’m nothin’ I’m nothin’ Somebody somewhere might be something But everybody

Ugly – Violent Femmes

it was hard to believe it was hard to trace I saw you today seems like I see you everyday but there’s something I figured out ’bout you ooh

Didgeriblues – Violent Femmes

He knew a girl who he decided to woo to under her balcony with a didgeridoo and did she know you would do the digeridoo too, if you knew

Tonight – Violent Femmes

Tonight. Tonight. Tonight, I want to get high. Tonight, I want to get high. Tonight, I want to get high, high, high. I don’t care if I live or

I Saw You In The Crowd – Violent Femmes

I saw you singing out loud The people were swaying The band was playing Something real loud I couldn’t hear one word Screams were all that I heard But

All I Want – Violent Femmes

All I want is to talk to you I’m achin’ for your touch I’m breakin’ cause I miss you so much Do you miss me, too? All I want

He Likes Me – Violent Femmes

he likes me ooh… isn’t that nice he likes me he likes me ooh… isn’t that nice that your brand new friend he likes your old true friend and

Mother Of A Girl – Violent Femmes

a girl I hated more than any other girl in the world the way I let her treat me was totally a disgrace I wanted to permanently wipe that

Hallowed Ground – Violent Femmes

for the multitude of thine inequity, and the great hatred.”; (Hosea 9:7) Everyone’s trying to decide, where to go when there’s no place to hide. I follow the bombs