Unholy Water – Virgin Steele

Whose face can please me now? Boundless Queen of Babylon, she rides above the sky, I’m a Devil, I’m an Angel The lights are getting brighter now, Bold enough

Don’t Close Your Eyes – Virgin Steele

Don’t go, don’t leave me here alone With nothing but a memory to call my own We shared each day, and the days to years But now the love

I Wake Up Screaming – Virgin Steele

Like a portrait born of hate like a lock without a key I am trapped here in this prison deliver me from me like a world within my head

Guardians Of The Flame – Virgin Steele

And the sun departs for night There’s a thousand eyes upon you But no one sees your plight Oh no mercy hath the darkness No love or heavens rain

Thy Kingdom Come – Virgin Steele

Never say? never’ Keep both your eyes on the flame The power that lies within you Comes forth once again Onward through darkness Envisions the diamonds beyond Through burning,

House Of Dust – Virgin Steele

Cold light descending through curtains of dust Torn like the memory of what we wert and what became of us Gone with the Evening when morning stares Gone and

A Symphony Of Steele – Virgin Steele

Iron pounding dongs of Glory, Soaring on command Screaming I rejoin the fray Take me where the thunder walks, A SYMPHONY OF STEELE Take my where the falcon flies,

Fight Tooth And Nail – Virgin Steele

Fight, fight tooth and nail Fight, fight tooth and nail It’s the law of the jungle The strongest will survive And that’s the rule I live by Think fast

Never Believed Ln Good-Bye – Virgin Steele

The rose that you gave me Just died today I guess you won’t be comin’ back And the fire in your eyes Has grown colder now I guess you

Forever Will I Roam – Virgin Steele

Colder now, cold as the grave this town darkness falls the death of another soul empty lives the sins of the desperate shattered dreams a moments betrayal, forever will

Stay On Top – Virgin Steele

Get outta my way! Everybody got somebody Try to make ya feel real bad Ain’t noone of their business Talkin’ behind your back Be strong in your self Stand

On The Wings Of The Night – Virgin Steele

When the dark is complete And the day goes to sleep That’s when I come alive Faster than shadows On the wings of the night I’ll be by your

Victory Is Mine – Virgin Steele

Crushed by your Prophets of Dread Death-Fire, Mist, Blood and Wine Torn like a rose from the vine So you run to the hills to divine What is left

We Rule The Night – Virgin Steele

Lift Your Voices Up Raise The Roof Now We Are Coming There’s No Stopping Us Here we go! Let The Creatures of pray Raise a clamor round your ears

Prometheus The Fallen One – Virgin Steele

I have walked the Halls of light Once I lived in honor with the Deathless Gods, Keeper of a secret sight Now I suffer the Wrath, I suffer the

Weeping Of The Spirits – Virgin Steele

In the Valley of Dying Stars as the Gods dream their angry dreams Restless Spirits, thoughts arise from the porcelain shuttered rooms they shift and glide The Dawn becomes

Love Is Pain – Virgin Steele

I see the winter in her eyes As I turn to go See the pain on her face A frozen rose With the toss of her hair And the

Angel Of Light – Virgin Steele

Hurling down with thunder from on high An ancient evil steals across the sky Flaming power, death is in his wake The lord of hell returns to rend and

The Redeemer – Virgin Steele

Fall to your knees, repent please, oh yeah Down from the mountains the elders came With a message for man Fire and brimstone will follow you all To the

The Evil In Her Eyes – Virgin Steele

She walks in starlight Never sees the sun at all Can’t face the bright light Because her shadow reveals all Yeah, she’s so sharp She’s got a cold steele