Performer VOMITORY

The Voyage – Vomitory

Indispensible hatred combined with tattered souls; a sinister Derision against all those who are expecting the new millennium. World war three and the waves of infection have defeated the

The Corpsegrinder Experience – Vomitory

Walking through blood and guts, scattered bodies Butchered human remains, a sweet smell of bowels and blood A morbid legion, with a hunger for flesh I see them coming

Exhaling Life – Vomitory

Global fear, infected minds will obey They follow every command, contradictory must die In carnage, they baptise enemy souls A war’s been declared, fleshless victims left behind Pain, created

Forever In Gloom – Vomitory

Chaos, bitter loss, escape from certain death. Removed enemies, wounded, killed. Nocturnal echoing from weapon symphonies. Agonizing screams, stench of death. The gambling with lives continues. Glory, dishonor, orders`s

The Holocaust – Vomitory

Silence, only silence is real Ashes leaves a trace of something that once were The end of a new beginning The last and final chapter of humans’ history erased

Chapter Of Pain – Vomitory

Ancient past in reverse, the future dies through renewal Evil grows back again, unaffected by time Far from the light, behind the shadows Through the ashes of hate Cycles

9 Mm Salvation – Vomitory

Depressed emotions lost, inanimate searching For the past obscure state of disease Contagious disagreeable senses Must get discharge through outrage against the carrier Lunacy bites once again, existence prospects

The Art Of War – Vomitory

Putrefied corpse, aftermath of war from time immorial Cadaverous odour rapes through every breath mankind’s sympathy Perpetrators grow rapidly without pity Armies projected, brainwashed, thoroughly gone through from birth