Performer W A-S-P

The Heretic (The Lost Child) – W. A. S. P

These fits of depression are torturing me The lives that I seen won’t breathe again A sad child of madness, they’ll never be free Born again to die, the

The Invisible Boy – W. A. S. P

I was the boy unwanted, a prisoner I’m born to them My brother was the one, the couldn’t do no wrong And I was there dying in the shadow

My Tortured Eyes – W. A. S. P

Hooray for no more misery Cause I’m in the middle of darkness Ya see no hope’s a dangerous thing Come on and kill me I know that’s what you

On Your Knees – W. A. S. P

Right out your door The silk hat you buy And you sell Mommy and daddy said The life that you led Will probably lead your way to hell! On

The Flame – W. A. S. P

I’m a going to take it up! I wanna be somebody I lead my life in the fast lane The only way to make it It might keep me

I Wanna Be Somebody – W. A. S. P

A face that no one knows And everyone you meet You’re going to show You’re nobody’s slave Nobody’s chains are holding you You hold your fist up high And

Easy Living – W. A. S. P

This is a thing I’ve never known before It’s called easy living This is a place I’ve never seen before And I’ve been forgiven Easy living, and I’ve been

Rock And Roll To Death – W. A. S. P

Thunder pounding my brains in A six string rock and roll razor Nobody gonna save me The whole world drives me crazy I hate work, I hate school I

Sweet Cheetah – W. A. S. P

One night as I rode down some long winding road I saw you, and I knew, I couldn’t let you go Half child and all woman, vision fantasy Cast

Arena Of Pleasure – W. A. S. P

All I know is, I’m just going I ran away from home last night, gone forever I was running for my life And I’ve heard the words of what

Doctor Rockter – W. A. S. P

He’s the king of sting, Mr. Morphine my friend Uncle Slam, the medicine man And I’m a junkie with a big King Kong sized monkey Crawling up and down

Blackie Lawless – W. A. S. P

The roar’s rock the stage Hunger of animals are calling Thrive upon the rage Paw prints on the page The roam’s going wild, walls are falling Lights shine illumination

Wild Child – W. A. S. P

A creature of love and I can’t be tamed I want you, cause I’m gonna take your love from him And I’ll touch your face and hot burning skin

L. O. V. E. Machine – W. A. S. P

To pass this love unseen There go my heels rising Venus make me king That chain of broken hearts They all belong to me Magic runs through my fingers

The Last Command – W. A. S. P

This is our time, we’ve made our mark And can’t you understand, we’ll fight till we fall? But what do you want to do? The time is right for

The Headless Children – W. A. S. P

Father come save us from this Madness we’re under God of Creation are we blind? Cause some here are slaves That worship guns that spit thunder The children that

The Gypsy Meets The Boy – W. A. S. P

The tarot is fate, said the Gypsy Queen And she beckoned me, to glimpse my future she’d seen Gypsy to Jonathon: She said, do you see what I see?,

Mean Man – W. A. S. P

A tattooed madman, I am hell on wheels Born a wicked child left alone in the fields My father was the wind, my mother was fire Raised by the

Ball Crusher – W. A. S. P

Lesbo nymphomaniac, ooh, she’s got a girlfriend that’s seventeen Bye bye bye Ballcrusher Bye bye bye Bye bye bye Ballcrusher Bye bye bye Stole the rent and drank all

Sleeping (In The Fire) – W. A. S. P

Touching the flame’s designs Feeling the flame’s denial And your finger’s in the fire Look… Looking at the candle light Seeing the flame of life In my sparely lite