Performer WADE HAYES

Don’t Make Me Come To Tulsa – Wade Hayes

Don’t make me come to Tulsa You know I hate the flight I ain’t been back to Oklahoma baby Since you said goodbye I heard a rumor you missed

It’s Over My Head – Wade Hayes

That just goes to show how crazy love can be Look at us now baby who would have thought it I don’t know why you chose me It’s over

Are We Having Fun Yet – Wade Hayes

I walked out tonight on the woman I love We got in a fight and I said I’ve had enough I slammed the door and I headed for a

Our Time is Coming – Wade Hayes

Times are hard and the money’s tight Day to day we fight the fight Nothing new, the same old grind Uphill all the way Boss man says forget the

How Do You Sleep At Night – Wade Hayes

I haven’t had a good night’s sleep In weeks now thanks to you The ghost of broken promises you made Haunts every room A hurtin’ heart can’t get no

One More Night With You – Wade Hayes

I go to the job every morning I work like a dog for my pay My mind and body aches It takes two coffee breaks Top get me to

Family Reunion – Wade Hayes

It won’t make the papers Like some reunions do There won’t be many people Just me and him and you I made a childhood promise You laughed and dried

This Is My Heart Talking Now – Wade Hayes

I know how much I’ve hurt you Trying to stand my ground Raising my voice building defenses While trying to tear yours down I want you so much, I

The Day That She Left Tulsa – Wade Hayes

We were a half mile high on the Ferris wheel At our old county fair I didn’t even know we had trouble until She told me way up there

Kentucky Bluebird – Wade Hayes

Blown down the highway By two different winds Lord only knows When I’ll see you again You’re ’bout as close As the moon up above You’re my long distance

Steady As She Goes – Wade Hayes

Tonight I came home late again She didn’t ask me where I’ve been Her bags were packed and sitting by the door She looked at me and said goodbye

Old Enough To Know Better – Wade Hayes

Neon lights draw me like a moth to a flame Mama raised me right That just leaves me to blame When I get a little sideways on a honky-tonk

On a Good Night – Wade Hayes

On a good night I could hop in my truck Round up my friends and with any kind of luck We could end up howling at a harvest moon

What I Meant To Say – Wade Hayes

Last night I told a lie When I told you I could say goodbye Here in the light of day What a crazy thing for me to say What

My Side of Town – Wade Hayes

Well I heard it through the grapevine I guess it must be true I heard that crowd you’re running with Has changed your attitude It’s been a month of

The Room – Wade Hayes

When I pull in the drive where your car used to be It doesn’t hurt me like it used to I can walk through the door, and not wonder

Summer Was A Bummer – Wade Hayes

Hello Mary Ann Can’t Tell You How Good It Is To See You Again How’s Your Mother And Your Brother Have You Still Got That ‘Ol Dog? Well I’m

Mine To Lose – Wade Hayes

Word is out how you’ve been talkin Bout how you won that woman’s heart You may think it’s your charm That led her to your arms But the truth

Undo The Right – Wade Hayes

If you can’t say you love me say you hate me And that you regret each time you held me tight If you can’t be mine forever then forsake

Where Do I Go To Start All Over – Wade Hayes

I drove around last night, and tried with all my might To leave the past behind, cause you stayed on my mind So I stopped for a drink, I