Performer WAKE THE

Souls Encounter – Wake, The

Sorcered potion Souls encounter Light embrace me Dark redeems me Laws deceat When has the darkness begun Why does my life exists? Why the brains do guide me? My

Whenever I Suffer – Wake, The

Exhaling all the living Pour it down the drain I’m a rambler where near-dead herds take their place Whenever they suffer Death pays the piper Rising and descending Pain

Like A Fallen Angel – Wake, The

It never ends the squirrel-wheel of death is here Forcefeeded end when life begins It’s planted in our skin too deep to be seen Like sickest revenge in this

Failed Generation – Wake, The

As we’re waiting for the end that’s surely making its way Underneath the skin there are splinters of dead men Pieces of dead souls which are heading towards dead-end

Deep Silent Dead – Wake, The

Hard to see Body beaten – Life became your tomb You lost your grip – You’re walking with The herd of sheep Crawling Suffering Life left you to oblivion

Murder One – Wake, The

What did you do yesterday? Another life slipped away Howcome murder one is all you think of Is that all you dream of Seeing lives pass away So

Befouled Galaxy – Wake, The

Handle with care Leave me be – Just another dying day in this galaxy Realised that I’m just one of gods creations Another soul in this world-illusion Beneath this