Edinger – Waking Ashland

At 2AM and contemplating faith. I made my way right out her door. The street lights, shine bright. I run away while she sleeps thorugh the night. Was

Your Intentions – Waking Ashland

of finishing what you have started Do you? Do you? And at the start of something different You realize just whats been missing Do you? Do you? And round

Counting The Stars – Waking Ashland

Which led me to feelings I could not concieve ‘Cause I was holding on to yesterday Had to let go to find today Do do do You’re breaking though

Medication – Waking Ashland

As the night falls upon me Who am I trying to be When this leads to nothing I need some medication I need your medication These choices I’ve been

Handful Of Names – Waking Ashland

Gonna put them someplace safe So I don’t have to face another day, yeah Been running on the side It does not feel right Cause I don’t have the

Tortoise And The Hare – Waking Ashland

I rest my eyes, I need some sleep Slow wins the race, but I’m always rushing Trying to escape, the monster I’ve become Some days I try, and others

Drought Of 2001 – Waking Ashland

It still goes on and on Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong Shoulda stayed here. Shoulda stayed here. It’s been too long of a year The colors gone

Flowers On A Wall – Waking Ashland

And times rolls on, and I stand still And it’s been three years since I’ve laughed out loud And I was so messed up and so worn out Being

Reseda – Waking Ashland

But there might as well be an ocean It’s hard to believe we lost everything We might as well be strangers Cause I’m flying kites into the wind And

Money – Waking Ashland

Ahhhhhhh, ooooooo, la la la. Jenny’s got a brand new car, She drives it past 90 Up and down the stars boulevards She even looks the part. And everyone

Under The Gun – Waking Ashland

And I am left with no cover I’m being watched like a T. V. It makes sleeping much harder You can’t fix what’s never been broken You can’t even

Take Me With You – Waking Ashland

If my eyes are closed or open. Yeah I’ve got no way of knowing It’s so quiet now, I can’t sleep at all tonight. And all I can hear

Charity – Waking Ashland

Your fading, Like a fashion of last year Oh you fade away Once again, I’m shattered down And you pretend Your lies are coming true Oh you fade away

Same Problem – Waking Ashland

And I speak, but you don’t see the signs, My heart aches, leaving me here to hide, My world shakes, until you assure me, Oh no there goes composure,

Telescopes – Waking Ashland

Looking through a telescope My back is wide, all the time A thousand miles can’t fall asleep White lines beneath my feet The start light, becomes mine I’m calling,

Overjoyed – Waking Ashland

Tired eyes Won’t you just rest with me I’ll make you complete again I saw the beauty in your soul The way you are Can’t you just see the

October Skies – Waking Ashland

These shattered dreams From broken wings of love October skies and city lights were all a blur And high tide came washing them away I said Alright, alright, alright

Open Doors – Waking Ashland

Closing in as the days grow longer And this could be my fault Slowly grab a hold to try and find what really matters You’ve been watching me Like

Let It Ring – Waking Ashland

Even when I was old Everything seemed new Let it ring, let it ring Until the walls start caving in You’re getting love from everyone It’s not enough to

Looking Alive – Waking Ashland

Reviewing now, I’m at a loss Along the way we lost our vision And records now are all we’ve got. Looking alive without breathing Standing still in a photograph