Takin’ The Hard Way – Waking Eyes, The

The t’s are crossed the spelling’s wrong The sentences are totally without proper melody At least the work is getting done. An echo 102 request All backup units screw

Move On – Waking Eyes, The

He goes when he knows there’s a fortune ’round the bend. He will not return. Before he crash and burns. Are you going to learn from this? learn from

If You Know Why – Waking Eyes, The

Twistin’ it slowly as we reach for the line. Yes they’re screamin’ it softly now so we can’t hear the way. And it’s never too late never. If we

Get Up Easy – Waking Eyes, The

Like maybe you can hardly wait to go To where you’re feeling more at home. Come on there’s something to be making us feel no more Rid of all

On A Train – Waking Eyes, The

Leanin’ on the pain Cause all I have is my own hard luck Yeah I took off Had to get away. I didn’t want to pay a penance to

Watch Your Money – Waking Eyes, The

I got a garden and I planted some seed. give me an hour and I’ll get what you want. or you can find somebody else to get off. watch

Beginning – Waking Eyes, The

Take a little Shake a little Make a little money Let it shine brighter feel lighter bonafide to get you honey. Something’s gonna Something’s gonna Something’s gonna give With