Grand Theft Auto – Walkabouts, The

The blood will make you rich Yeah, in this town The blood will make you rich In this town I will do you one better I’ll change the truth

Feel Like Going Home – Walkabouts, The

I’ve tried and I fell and I’m tired and weary Everything I’ve done is wrong And I feel like going home Lord, I tried to see you through But

Breakneck Speed – Walkabouts, The

When nothing gets done Save copycat killin’ Away from windows asleep on the floor The wheel of misfortune spins in the yard And by the way And by the

Poor Side of Town – Walkabouts, The

When the last time I saw you, you wouldn’t even kiss me The rich guy you’re seein’ must have put you down So welcome back, baby, to the poor

Good Luck Morning – Walkabouts, The

And now I’ve warned you so. Bury your clothes out in the woods, And hide your letters ‘neath the stove. There’s a big house down in Wilkeson, where you

Sundowner – Walkabouts, The

Alone on a winter’s night I’m drunk as a racehorse But I’ll never fade outta sight There’s a wild below me A wild up there in the stars There’s

Jack Candy – Walkabouts, The

But still I took a likin’ to him He said: “You will be somebody’s treasure, But no one has discovered you yet.” Jack Candy lived on Sky Valley Road

Blown Away – Walkabouts, The

Just an empty gas station, left to me in a will Just a plate of bad habits and plenty of salt for the wounds Just a plate of bone

Sand & Gravel – Walkabouts, The

And the mules they roam in packs. And the skulls we dragged from waterholes, By the woodshed in a stack. And fear don’t ever come out alone. And the

Wreck of the Old #9 – Walkabouts, The

Not a star was in sight And he north wind was howling down the line Went a brave engineer With a sweetheart so dear With an order to pull

Feeling No Pain – Walkabouts, The

Who’ll spill the flat cars of our shame? I’m beat up tired from always doin’, What I shoulda done in the first place. You can call in sick, no

Hightimes – Walkabouts, The

tell me somethin’ I don’t know hightimes, can chase em ’til your blind tell me somethin’ I don’t know now you’re lyin’ next to me the one place that

Hole in the Mountain – Walkabouts, The

Now it looks on the town with the promise to kill everything. We lit this valley with atomic power, But the lights went down in the closing hour yesterday.

When Fortune Smiles – Walkabouts, The

before they vanish, in the sand even the tallest of timbers will fall easy to fall, ain’t easy to land well that’s a curse of mine seems everything I

Forgiveness Song – Walkabouts, The

on an old kettle drum don’t ask for no ransom ain’t payin you none ground to a halt with suspicion for all you say “watch me fly” I suppose

No One the Wiser – Walkabouts, The

above this floodlit street beneath a sliver moon undone leaning with intent to fall your gaze a perfect blade my hand, a shadow drawn These secrets come and go

Blue Head Flame – Walkabouts, The

20 years or more seems like yesterday hung your secrets from the judas tree watched ’em blow down to the valley floor blowin’ home, watched ’em blow away and

The Anvil Song – Walkabouts, The

This is demolition time Inventions full of spit and blood With blinders for the faint of heart Fortune’s ashes crowd this map But if I lose, well I don’t

The Stopping-Off Place – Walkabouts, The

and the fire burns deep in the hole my conscience a wound with no salve it betrays me wherever I go said the best way a man can go

Ahead of the Storm – Walkabouts, The

No fork in my tongue Gotta trust my name Never saw it blow Never saw it blow The clouds rained money Never saw it blow The clouds rained money