Everybody Out Of The Water – Wallflowers

Get set, let’s go You got to move now before she explodes Look out the window and out below Back away from the glass There she blows The city’s

Sidewalk Annie – Wallflowers

It shook your bones and made your life feel skintight Well, Sidewalk Annie Now your coattails have come undone Your whisper’s a scream now Since you don’t speak to

Feels Like Summer Again – Wallflowers

And my heart is full I ain’t got any weight That I can’t pull And right now I know that anything Is possible I’m gonna bang my drum Blow

We’re Already There – Wallflowers

On a city growing thick With good advice that won’t stick. From the ballrooms to the suburbs, abandoned mines Atlantis may be rising but We’re all out of time.

Asleep At The Wheel – Wallflowers

At the end of the day when it comes down to one decision Of dead beat girls and freaks at a peoples convention All these sugars with no vitamin

I Am A Building – Wallflowers

I am waiting for your parade I will salute you From above the crowd As you make your way You won the battle You’ve won the war I admit

Babybird – Wallflowers

With your dirty wings in tatters Come home where you belong Nobody knows you better Now bring back your velvet heart And we’ll make you brand new feathers Sleep

Health And Happiness – Wallflowers

That I don’t care anymore Maybe I just never did You can’t say That I have ever lied Because I keep the truth well hid Tell me what’s wrong

Back To California – Wallflowers

Not the kind that rides a saddle in a costume All around me, all around you In from the window for a drag of your perfume Let’s move back

How Good It Can Get – Wallflowers

You’re breaking up Use your words Don’t yell so much I don’t understand a word That you’re saying Now move in Come up close You look like You’ve maybe

See You When I Get There – Wallflowers

At the moving clouds I’ve been hit so hard This time I just might stay down If you were me I would come back To get you If this

Shy Of The Moon – Wallflowers

Yellow hair in a yellow bow Little thumb sticking in the exit lane Two packs of smokes and a candy cane With women hips and baby lips A Hallelujah

If You Never Got Sick – Wallflowers

That ain’t a ripcord That ain’t a body of water We’re headed for There’s so little time left So much to be done Even you are gonna need someone

Josephine – Wallflowers

I feel all right And I’ve been thinkin’ maybe I could spend the night I know you’ve been sad I know I’ve been bad But if you’d let me

The Passenger – Wallflowers

I’m too far gone to know where I am Conditions are worse than we planned Permission now to let this thing land Heading straight into the blackness Beyond the

Empire Of My Mind – Wallflowers

There is dark There’s dark, and there is light. I lay our hands over my eyes As I look deep Through valleys deep and wide Across the border line

Hand Me Down – Wallflowers

You won’t be anyone Now tell me what you were thinking of How could think you would be enough It’s not that you have stayed too long It’s not

Sleepwalker – Wallflowers

That could be my reputation It’s where I’m from that lets them think I’m a whore I’m an educated virgin Sleepwalker, don’t be shy Now don’t open your eyes

From The Bottom Of My Heart – Wallflowers

All of my things are there inside Black smoke rise up, burn on burn higher I smell leaves and burning tires Dogs in the meadows barking wild Blackbird rise

Up From Under – Wallflowers

Looking back up at the hill Well I thank heavens I fell Must look more like myself Now everyone is so kind Everyone looks like a long lost friend