Performer WANG CHUNG

Let’s Go! – Wang Chung

Meet me in a restaurant Meet me on the top of the world Meet me and we’ll talk the language of love I’ll meet you anywhere you want I’ll

The Waves – Wang Chung

Working at your job all day Sends the time spinning away Watch TV from half past six Cook, make love and pick up sticks But you can hear the

Everybody Have Fun Tonight – Wang Chung

I’d drive a million miles To be with you tonight So if you’re feeling low Turn up your radio The words we use are strong They make reality But

Wake Up, Stop Dreaming – Wang Chung

The sun is in the sky again There’s a hole in the ocean And water’s pouring through Oh, wake up stop dreaming And wipe the sleep from your eyes

To Live And Die In L. A. – Wang Chung

In the heat of the day Every time you go away I have to piece my life together Every time you’re away In the heat of the day In

Logic And Love – Wang Chung

(Feldman / Chandler) Love and logic just don’t go together Try to force it, you’ll be trying forever Why discuss it when you’re missing the point Girl Forget the

The Flat Horizon – Wang Chung

I wanna paint your portrait in bright color I wanna paint the lines in red and blue I wanna make your eyes appear like starlings Saying, “;Darling, I love

The Warmer Side Of Cool – Wang Chung

Well I’m sitting on a hillside On the warmer side of cool With the future laid before me Like a green and misty jewel And to climb above the

A Fool And His Money – Wang Chung

The longer love survives The more it’s easy to be blind When it is obvious it’s over I put my trust in you I spent my love and I

Wait – Wang Chung

Streetcorners seem designed to lie in wait For a chance to get involved in lovers’ fate And this one seems as good as any I’ve seen So wait here

The World In Which We Live – Wang Chung

The world in which we live is peopled by people who Fuck, shit, screw everybody, don’t care, swear Do things without a care, are seen everywhere And write about

Hypnotize Me – Wang Chung

Darlin’, I believe in love Since I met you, baby I believe in love The way you hold me My heart is stirred You can control me Without a

Eyes Of The Girl – Wang Chung

On her televison, on her mamma’s radio She could paint a picture More alive than all she ought to know Her imagination running wild, she let it grow In

Big World – Wang Chung

You woke me from my sleep we quietly crept Outside This memory I’ll keep of bitter crimson Winter sunrise lost in the icy silence Our warm breath fading in

Don’t Let Go – Wang Chung

I got your letter I felt so scared to Pick up the paper knife and read within I read the contents I got what you meant I know its

Tall Trees In A Blue Sky – Wang Chung

Tall trees in a blue sky Stand together don’t ask why Stretch up to the blue sky Pierce that ceiling if you try You say these feelings do not

Betrayal – Wang Chung

We met as friends of friends while still at school I was all you ever really knew When we met it was like a dream For all I knew

Snakedance – Wang Chung

Let’s rent a place in town Somewhere we can call our own Let’s knock these barriers down We need to spend some time alone Everything in the world has

Games Of Power – Wang Chung

I don’t wanna play these games of power I don’t wanna fight this war no more Don’t wanna twist the knife Just wanna better life for me & you

Praying To A New God – Wang Chung

What got into you got into me too What came over you is coming over me Feel like I’ve had enough of all the old stuff I saw the