Performer WARHEAD

Blackout – Warhead

… on the backseat of a squad-car he realizes for the first time what he has done and wonders about his bleak future. He’s aware of his guilt and

Memories – Warhead

… during his first hours in the death house he is painfully overcome by the emotional memories of his family and childhood… I close my eyes and see it

Blindly – Warhead

a tear drops down from your face the wrong thing at the right place your eyes a touch of nothing your captured the bloody truth is, you’re stoned again

The Healing – Warhead

the black sunshine high above smell dead children, forget to love soul burns brightly, never see never hear a word from me one door is open, one door is

Forced – Warhead

… because of the strict organisation and the brutality of his treatment he feels robbed of his dignity… Life is hell, a mindless odysee Now here I dwell, stuck

Hour Of Death – Warhead

… years later: The day of his judgement is now certain. The execution of a fellow inmate inflames his hate towards the prison and guards… The sun rises, the

Hatred – Warhead

a little room with a lattice window here i live there’s nothing more outside concrete, grey and cold this is my home, i’m the one who’s left the second

Electrocute! – Warhead

… the Pardon Board refuses the aquittal of the murderer. Outside the courthouse there’s a pro-death sentence demonstration and the people demand his annihilation… Turned down! Dead man in

The Trial – Warhead

… as demanded by the prosecuting attorney the jury find him guilty and subsequently he is sentenced to death. His bitter ordeal begins… He says, I pulled the trigger,

A Piece Of Your Flesh – Warhead

… in his thoughts the murderer blames the ones who pass the laws, sentence to death and file the cases away. In his eyes they commit a murder, planned

Carrie White – Warhead

this is your life-long atmosphere your mother keeps you trapped in here a cruel world you can’t escape your name is carrie, you’re in bad shape your mother’s mentally

Warhead – Warhead

what do you think while you are running here between the bushes in the rain? what do you feel inside your fucking head? cause now your “real me” goes

Going To The Center – Warhead

the black door of a big neglected building they call it papermill, we call it excess i step inside, cold light shines from a lantern outside, i feel depressed

Desert Trip – Warhead

… desperation, regret and the wish for a second chance play on his mind during his transportation to a high security prison far out in the desert … They

Good Part For Each – Warhead

honesty! misery! creep on knees to be free don’t you see, suffering is all you’ve got to feed the kings self-defence! ignorance! second hand perplexity! all that stuff are

Lord – Warhead

… facing death he feels foresaken by God and his country. He never lived a christian life but it’s the irony of his fate that he – like Jesus