Performer WARREN G

Do You See – Warren G

As American as apple pie As American as The Blues As American as apple pie The question is why? Why should he Blues be so at home here? Well,

Can You Feel It – Warren G

I’m H-I off J’s bellin in a T-shirt and blue jeans well few dreams ever come true well some do, so nigga say (I’m from the beach too) Long

Super Soul Sis – Warren G

?Take action? at times, they hang on my rhyme like Mr. Cooper I’m takin you to a zone that’s much far from wackness So please could you tell me

Back Up – Warren G

(Why?) Cuz I’m a bad muthafucka and you can’t understand me (Chorus) MCs dont know how we puts it down K-9 and P-C from East to North town We

I Want It All (Remix) – Warren G

Restless, haha The East Coast (y’all know where I’m comin from) I want it all, Warren G man (T) Tikki Diamond, (Nigga D), don’t forget, haaa Check it out

I Shot The Sheriff – Warren G

I shot the sheriff –Chorus– Verse One: I had to shoot the sheriff it was justifiable he mistaked me for somebody who was liable for all tha many murders

My Momma – Warren G

to one of the most beautiful ladies in the world could never imagine Yeah, Ole Mae, that’s my momma, y’know To one of the most beautifulest ladies in the

And Ya Don’t Stop – Warren G

hop up the streets with my heats so observe its me Z the whee Z, the Warren to the G Z the deuces and the treys as kickin it

So Many Ways – Warren G

ya know we said things won for Warren G, and soon turned superstar 11-10-7 D that was my intro but now in 94, I’m rollin a 64

I Want It All – Warren G

What’s up negros and negrettes? It’s your boy Warren G You know what I’m saying? Chillin’ with the home boy Mack 10 And we gon’ lay a lil’ sumpin’

G-Spot – Warren G

I’m the illest, what? I’m the illest, Warren G, uh yeah I’m the illest, the illest you’ve ever seen Haha check this shit out do’ Peep game, look, hmm

Runnin Wit No Breaks – Warren G

yeah, its Warren G beeyatch Jah Skills- (Jah Skills will just speak) As I enter the G-Funk Era (tell me why you tweak) well I dont know why however

Havin’ Things – Warren G

With the so so def so I can make my collect Private jet in motion, over the ocean Touch down jungle air strip, CD’s to flip Feds having a

Dollars Make Sense – Warren G

Y’all don’t know nothin about this HEE-ARE Hahahahahahaha, yeah! It’s Kurupt Young Gotti Hehaha, sup Warren G? It’s my homeboy, huh? With my niggas Crucial Conflict, huh? Chillin, huh?

Reality – Warren G

They can’t catch me but still they after me When we deal face to face, is a tragedy You ask why i got my gun they might blast at

A Dope Beat – Warren G

Just holler at your boy named Warren G(I wanna) A dope beat(with my), a dope beat Just holler at your boy named Warren G Y’all know me, the G

Transformers – Warren G

and you don’t stop microphone check one two uh and ya don’t quit Microphone check one two one two Let me clear my throat so I can do what

This D. J. – Warren G

It’s kind of easy when you’re listening to the G-Dub sound Pioneer speakers bumpin as I smoke on a pound I got the sound fo yo’ ass and it’s

Relax Your Mind – Warren G

back for the 9-c I ex sippin on the yak so people wanna know whats next ain’t nuthin changed, another day a new time with this uptempo beat with

If We Give You A Chance – Warren G

Kinda hungry Have you eaten? Hardly any Walking down sunset boulevardnelly I had this miner on the lock She said That mutha fucker look finer Than a fuck But