Mayday In Kiev – Watchtower

save our mode of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophes.” – Albert Einstein In a nation for a dangerous penchant for secrecy A dread disaster at Chernobyl

Instruments Of Random Murder – Watchtower

The simple end to minor discomfort Used by millions for years No association with danger Scattered across the land Arose instances of unexplained deaths Autopsies reveal the presence of

Control And Resistance – Watchtower

Few question, few answer, praising innovation Society seeking conformity Society thriving on regulation Observe and repeat, observe and repeat Maintain the standard Life is simulation, revision and impulse Absence

Hidden Instincts – Watchtower

Is one of our system’s greatest chores We’re afraid to walk the streets alone at night Our society sleeps behind locked doors Lurking beneath the shadow’s surface Hiding under

Life Cycles – Watchtower

One moments retreat Away from the heat… The silent surroundings The black of the predawn sky The chilled air of night All give meaning to the sunrise Without darkness

The Fall Of Reason – Watchtower

There’s a man with a number who cannot commit murder And a fallen idea soon becomes suicide Fallen by a decision made without reason We soon see that war

Dangerous Toy – Watchtower

To be accused of misinformation Is the subject clean, and machine Guilty of distorted imagination? A psychological change Assumes relation to the act of deceit Not legally accepted Human