Performer WAVE

Sleepless – Wave

just one glance and you know well i do and i’ll tell you what its like its something that can’t be described oh oh and ill never let it

Daydream – Wave

a little taste of leather and lace colour blind its all in my mind temporary insanity when everything is wrong CHORUS It’s a perfect day for feelin’ this way

Clever – Wave

where all the people go, oh no does anybody care if i found what i will wear and if i ever maybe never lose what i have found im

I’d Give Anything – Wave

and hope for better change like the cloudy day being washed away by the warm summer rain singing songs as the way to carry on let my immagination take

Touch – Wave

thinking about today there;s things i should have done things i didnt say i never thought it wold turn into a fight i know how you must feel tonight

Read My Mind – Wave

but you just walk on by its like fireworks explode inside just some simple words that i wanna say when i get close i hesitate time and time i

Think It Over – Wave

cause they shine so bright and they’re calling you before you go you need to know i wont stand in your way but i want you to stay CHoRUS