Angel Eyes – Wet Wet Wet

Sick of leaving in the morning With the night you gave away So now I’m gonna take that all that I can get With those angel eyes You make

Shed A Tear – Wet Wet Wet

About the way you’ve been pulling my heart strings When I think I’m on my feet again, I fall down, Oh I fall down At forty seven Park Avenue

Back On My Feat – Wet Wet Wet

But everything’s getting me down I’ll get myself together And get my feet on solid ground I used to get so mad about it, Moving on the wrong tracks

All I Want – Wet Wet Wet

Let me in I feel my world is changing It seems so far away It’s my last chance to make it turn out right And if our worlds still

The Moment You Left Me – Wet Wet Wet

I suffered the whole night long That’s where i go wrong And that’s where you go wrong When i’ve got a problem Say i’ll talk to the whole wide

World In Another – Wet Wet Wet

Check it out Some stupid things Mean a lot in my life Like the feeling like that i want to now ya. Like the feeling like that i want

Broke Away – Wet Wet Wet

All I ever want lies forgiven Took away all of those chains and say They broke away, they broke away Do you lead a better life Even when the

Strange – Wet Wet Wet

Of everything i’ve seen before, well, um Somewhere in my life Been paying the price But that ain’t enough anymore, well Don’t get me wrong now baby Don’t get

Only Sounds – Wet Wet Wet

Like I’ve never known before And the winter winds blowing colder And I just can’t take anymore Feel I’m running down a dead end street Trying to change my

Lonely Girl – Wet Wet Wet

You lost your thrill, and you can’t hide it Knew it from the start Your world could fall apart Didn’t wanna know, So love just came and went the

This Time – Wet Wet Wet

I’m not gonna let you get away Oh, this time I’ll find a way to make you stay When I say I love you I’m serious, Coz this time

2 Days After Midnite – Wet Wet Wet

Weighing up my latest pleasure In two days time i’ll be given a sign That puts me in a place i get high Meanwhile there’s no reply, it’s a

Morning – Wet Wet Wet

Same old faces, but a different town Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide I’m dancing with the shadows, In a cold moonlight. And i can’t wait until the

More Than Love – Wet Wet Wet

So it’s maybe coming later A preacher man on my t. v. Says he’s got the streets for me And prays you write the letter Heavenly Father tell me

Don’t Want To Forgive Me Now – Wet Wet Wet

I guess it happens every now and then She closes her eyes and says goodnight God only knows the reason why We get together and we fall apart again

Home Tonight – Wet Wet Wet

Then i don’t recognise That subtle look that’s in your eyes And in the distance now I hear your whispers, love And see my dreams go fading by, by

Love Is My Shepherd – Wet Wet Wet

He leads me down, To where troubled water Sprung up from the ground I found the answer Now it seems so clear When i see your face I can’t

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight – Wet Wet Wet

Treat me right Do me now baby Tell me lies, but oh hold me tight Save your goodbyes for the morning light Lord i don’t wanna be lonely tonight

I Remember – Wet Wet Wet

I should have known better How i long for those warm summer nights Of playing the fool and getting uptight Crush my precious wish to the ground You have

You’ve Had It – Wet Wet Wet

Where are you going to be And i thought about it yesterday now baby It’s in my cuts now baby As deep as yours And the scars from this