Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ectasy) – White Zombie

Flood my soul a coffee dreg – supersize Slung low like a whore – yeah Devil want some more – yeah Cupid bought a gun – he gonna blow

Acid Flesh – White Zombie

Bleed away the Trembling sound No more time Body spasm deep And passing Acid flesh Human river stepping Stones of Love and death A living legend’s legacy yeah! Hustler

Crow III – White Zombie

a good boy;” said man one. At a little before 5’oclock he when through the basement. “Yes or no!” demanded man two bantering humor dry in his throat. “Is

Demon Speed – White Zombie

Wreck that I call myself City slam penetration Play it like a fool Need born invention Puts the war in your face Payback time execution Demon speed crackdown Compute

Godslayer – White Zombie

To the horror of satan sea Listen To the guns of superman Well I say Return to a platinum stranger Hooked on The enemy under your skin Panic Despite

Power Hungry – White Zombie

Machines of crime Brute force side-split Live and let die Dealing I am Triumph blood is Thicker water Getting Power hungry Track down weak flesh Some like it hot

Revenge – White Zombie

For a heart jam Fight to love a Super bitch Drive her roots Straight to hell Atomic ass 99 Another cosmic monster Spits his teeth In your eye More

Disaster Blaster – White Zombie

Skin crack move faster Doomwatch got open eyes Perversion never lies Disaster blaster Disaster blaster Creature of destruction Laughing dead corruption Challenge to survive Love butcher alive Disaster blaster

Murder World – White Zombie

What a waste now Earth magic strikes out A million dollar monster mind In search of the devil’s garden Make them die Make them die Make them die Make